Hot News out of Grand Bahama >>> Shipyard CEO ORDER OUT OF GRAND BAHAMA by Minnis-Led Government!

This is how problems does start right here. Senate President K. Forbes Smith.

Freeport – The CEO of Grand Bahama Ship Yard given 14 days notice by FNM Government to pack his bag and leave.

Is this a pay back for the CEO firing Senate President Kay Smith? The Ship Yard is a major employer on Grand Bahama, and boy, It’s indeed the people’s time.

How will Carnival Cruise Line – a major shareholder in the Ship Yard – react to this decision of the Minnis Governemnt?

Also, is PM Minnis and the FNM intent to scuttle the $200 million dollar Cruise Port in East Grand Bahama. The FNM failed to mention this major project negotiated by the Christie Government! Is this new deal dead in the water and caught under the STOP, REVIEW AND CANCEL POLICY?

All we say is this: It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!