The Bahamian taxpayers could pay millions for the decision of the Minnis-led Government to withdraw from the case of the gagging of Parliament!


Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays WINS AGAIN! Was the decision to withdraw from Parliament email case involving Save the Bays a decision by members around the Cabinet Table?!


Looka what Minnis dem have done to the country! Democracy is now for SALE!

Nassau, Bahamas – The Minnis Government has withdrawn the application now being heard before the Appellate Court involving Save the Bays emails being read in Parliament.
The decision was announced by one of the parties to the application before the government could formally make its decision known.

Save the Bays, we have long said, had hijacked the Minnis-led government and those associated therewith; Louis Bacon, Fred Smith et al have made a complete mockery of the judiciary of the Bahamas!

In what was a landmark case, Supreme Court Justice Indra Charles declared that then Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald was not legally justified when he tabled the private emails of environmental action group Save The Bays in Parliament, and therefore could not be protected by parliamentary privilege.

Justice Charles, who presided over an historic constitutional motion, ruled that the Marathon MP’s actions were an infringement of the constitutional rights of the applicants and ordered Mr. Fitzgerald to pay $150,000 in damages for the breach. The matter was kicked up to the appeal.

The case in its present ruling now brings to question the independence of Parliament and its elected members’ ability to deliver communications of any kind to be tabled [emails, letters, correspondences etc].

Bahamas Press had long warned the country about how the subversive actions of Louis Bacon’s Save The Bays had attempted to destabilize the Christie government and, by extension, deliver serious constitutional conundrums by its bold actions to GAG the Parliament of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. At the same time, they were holding almost indefinitely decisions of Judicial Reviews before the courts with penal threats against the Prime Minister, The Minister for Works and the Minister for Transport. All these Reviews are still before the courts against the holders of those offices. What will happen now that the players have change to characters who worked for and played with Save the Bays against the will of the Bahamian people?

Additionally, Save the Bays are the same characters who silenced Journalists, Broadcasters and delivered legal threats to media houses all across the country! WHAT IS DIS!?

With the most recent decision of the Minnis-led Government to withdraw the email case from the Court of Appeals, it clearly suggests that Save the Bays is playing the dangerous game inside the Minnis Government where its members sit around the Cabinet Table! Now, with the ruling of Justice Indra Charles standing, the Bahamian People must pay costs for the silence of the Parliament. Well, was that the decision of Save the Bays members around the Cabinet Table?

QUESTIONS TO THE PRIME MINISTER: Has Michael Pintard and Romauld Ferreira tendered their resignations from SAVE THE BAYS?

What in da hell is dis?!

We report yinner decide!