HOT OFF THE PRESS | House Clerk Assistant Tests Positive For Coronavirus…




NASSAU| House Clerk Assistant has tested positive for COVID19. The assistant was dealing with each and every MP last week Wednesday during the last sitting. This development raises the question: Will every staff and MP present in the Parliament at its last sitting be tested?

Body found in the passenger seat of a vehicle at Goodman’s Bay

live scenes

BP BREAKING| Police are at Goodman’s Bay at this hour where a body was discovered in the passenger seat of a car this morning. We are not sure if there were injuries to the body. BP warned days ago how the entire area where scores exercise each morning remain unlit for the public.

J.M. Pinder resigns from Airport Authority…

Bahamas Press is learning Chairman of the Airport Authority Mr. J. M. Pinder has abruptly tendered his resignation from the Board. This is a developing story…

AG Carl Bethel in Quarantine…

Bahamas Press is learning the Attorney General of the Bahamas Carl Bethel has gone into quarantine after his driver tested positive to COVID19.

Stripper gone ROBBER! Panties dem now robbing ya!

18-year-old Mya Smith

A woman and two men are accused of robbing a man at the Colony Club. Prosecutors allege that 18-year-old Mya Smith, who works as a stripper, arranged to meet the man at the motel on September 10.

Smith along with her pimp 19-year-old boyfriend, Demetrius Bastian, and his 18-year-old friend Kelito Johnson, robbed the man of $3,000 and a silver chain, worth $150.

Mya Smith, Bastian and Johnson appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Monday on charges of robbery. #crime

Belinda Wilson calls on all teachers to call in late today…

BUT President Belinda Wilson

Wartime General Belinda Wilson has advised teachers to all report to schools late today. Call-in late and show up late.

More than 1,000 educators failed to show up to classes yesterday.

Two sisters die just minutes apart…

Two sisters passed away just hours apart BIS Clerk Jenniemae Johnson-McLeod and Jan Johnson both died just hours alert of each other. All we at BP saying is simple…”Protect Yourselves”!

Landscaper 44-year-old Danton Woods is the country’s 47th homicide victim.

Danton Woods

BP is learning 44-year-old Danton Woods is the country’s 47th homicide victim. He was shot dead outside his Hawthorne Drive home in Oakes Field on Sunday night. He operated a landscaping business.