Saxons has lost Anthony “Sticka Tone” Johnson

Anthony” Sticka Tone” Johnson

Nassau| We have received chilling news once again on the passing of one of our long time members, Anthony” Sticka Tone” Johnson who joined the Saxons in 1967 and brought with him a whole Group of men from Market St. called The Lollipop Boys.

With their Addition, The Saxons won its first ever 3rd Prize that New Years day 1967, under the Theme: “TIME CLOCKS”.

Their home base was Taylor St. and
operated in Sticka Tones yard which became a Saxons Strong hold!

Amazingly some of the members coming from the Lollipop Boys were Jay Fox, Katanga Johnson, Kenny “Mary” Fox, K.C.Campbell, and others. Labbs and Gayay who were little boys at the time, pasting pants and shoes with Sticka Tone became members by 1974.

Sticka played an Integral role in the making of the Saxons who by 1978 became a force to reckon with. His brother David “Kiday” Johnson was a top Artist and Designer at that time.

Kenny Mary, Gayay and Labbs soon became Superstars in the Lead costume Category under the tutorial of Anthony ” Sticka Tone” Johnson.
He was a true Saxon Legend and brought us many of Victories. He can be Classified as an Icon of Junkanoo. Anthony also loved Baseball and Softball and spareheaded a number of teams of which he influenced ball players to become members of the Saxons. He has since retired from Junkanoo some years ago.

Today we recognize, Honour and commend Mr. Anthony “Sticka Tone” Johnson for his Committment and Dedicated Service rendered and his Extraordinary Contribution made to the making of The Shell Saxons Superstars Organisation.

On behalf of our Chairman, our Leadership Team, officers and members, Family Fans and Friends of the Shell Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Organisation We convey our heartfelt condolences to the Johnson and Taylor St. Family during this time of your bereavement.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
May he rest peacefully.

Percy ” Vola” Francis.