Hotel Union cannot pay workers?



Roy Colebrooke (far right) taking photos as he announced his personal payout of over $14,000 to workers of the Hotel Union facilities whom have not been paid by the Union over the last two weeks.

Nassau, The Bahamas: We at Bahamas Press found this photo as just UTTER NONSENSE. Now image your family member working for the Hotel Union and for the past two weeks they have not been paid, why? Because the Hotel Union president Roy Colebrooke and other executives cannot see eye to eye. Amazingly, the president called in the press to take pictures with staff members to show, himself paying all the staff who have not been paid for two weeks. Announcing the money is coming out of his BIG PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT.

The Union which takes millions of dollars in taxed dues out of the small pay of ‘hardworking union members’, now itself is not able to pay their own staffers? This IS INCREDIBLE!

The Hotel Union expect to keep their union dues flowing in, whilst hotel workers bankroll an organization that has lost it voice for its people? Hotel owners should ask the courts of The Bahamas to suspend the all payout in UNION DUES to the Union until the leadership get their act together.

If that should happen, watch and see how fast they would begin working together again..