Murder, Homicide or Suspicious death police just don't know



George Moxey was found just outside this home located behind BFM with a gunshot wound to the chest around 2am this morning.

Nassau, The Bahamas: Bahamian police apparently cannot report to the public what is happening in this country anymore. Gregory Moxey of Skyline Lakes was the young man early Friday morning police found dead in his vehicle. Moxey had came to a resident just behind the Bahamas Faith Ministry complex. News reports suggest that Moxey attempted to reconcile with his former girlfriend. The couple separated over a month ago. However as Moxey returned to the apartment after leaving distraught the first time, he came back with a handgun. According to police, evidence suggest Moxey self inflicted himself with a single gunshot wound to the chest, which resulted in his fatal death. However police are not sure whether this is what occurred, and they are not ruling out that a possible homicide occurred there either. And we all are wondering what really happened outside that home around 2 AM Friday morning.

One news organization went as far as to say, this would be the first suicide for the year. However we at Bahamas Press would say that is not true, according to the police reports. A 70 year old man in the Fox Hill area earlier this year also committed suicide according to police at the time. Last year December a woman found dead on Prince Charles Drive partially clothed was then reported as a suspicious death and not a homicide. What is strange here however, is the fact that almost every corpse discovered in the country these days, their deaths are classified as a SUSPICIOUS DEATH or SUICIDE?

In the past week, four bodies/remains were discovered three in Nassau and one in Grand Bahama, and all ‘suspicious deaths’ according to the police. Amazingly even after a young man whose head was decapitated and his body discovered in the South Beach canal, police still reported this incident was not a homicide.

One must now be concern with those who attempt to hide the TRUTH in this country. The Bahamas is clearly awash with VIOLENCE AND MURDER.