How could serving two masters be good for Elizabeth Thompson and not good for Cleola Hamilton?


Yinner think the wutless media caught on to this one yet?

Cleola Hamilton - MP for South beach and President for the Nurses Union.

Nassau, Bahamas — Politics in the Bahamas has no colour these days and we wonder why would Dion Foulkes and union leaders find something ok for Peter but not good for Paul.

When we express this we are referring to this development with Elizabeth Thompson and BTC.

Now we do not support her termination, but we can understand it. We can understand why BTC took the approach to dismiss Thompson.

She is a member of the legal department at BTC and therefore is responsible for protecting the interests of the company and drafting its regulatory framework. We believe some agreement should have been reached in resolving her termination, and we agree she cannot be legally on the side of the company, drafting its laws and bylaws and, at the time, be seen fighting for the people who are, in the majority of cases, against the company.

Coincidentally, here is the same argument waged just last week by the Union and one member of the FNM. It was Dion Foulkes who make the mistake of suggesting that Cleola Hamilton should not be serving in the government and at the same time representing the union.

Well, if Elizabeth Thompson could drag every union and her ‘mah’ to support her stay at BTC, why cannot those who oppose Cleola Hamilton agree the same and tell her it is ok for her to sit in her compromising position they claim she now sits in.

Elizabeth Thompson

When we at BP examine these things it begs the question: are the unions and Dion Foulkes just fighting for a political friend on one hand and against a political enemy on another?

How is it – by the union measurement – OK for Elizabeth Thompson to play conflicting roles at BTC, but not extend the same measure of mercy for Cleola Hamilton by the same union voices?

Why are we playing politics with the lives of people?

To the Union Leaders and Dion Foulkes – Bahamas Press agrees: Today yinner mixup like conch salad!

We report yinner decide!


  1. I dont understand the unions in the Bahamas. When they should have been fighting for BTC not to be sold to these same people, they shut their stink mouths,and now they are calling for my PLP government to come and save that woman. HELL TO THE NO. I am a union member, i will not demonstate, so dont expect for me to help you.

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