One man tears down the credibility of institutions in a society and leaves the entire world in shock!


A BREAKING BP SPECIAL: If one man could do all this to the UK, what you think another could do in the Bahamas?

Nassau, Bahamas — When it isn’t some Church, it is some school up in Eight Mile Rock, and when it isn’t there, it is happening in some public institution like at The Boy Scouts of America or at some educational institution where children enroll. We are talking about this wicked sexual abuse of children that appears to be the big secret lacing societies together around the world.

Recently, the scandal now rocking the BBC reveals that a deceased TV host, Jimmy Savile, a man revered by many, is now alleged to have committed sexual crimes against children. The scandal has erupted on the front pages of the tabloids in the UK and around the world, with scores of allegations pouring in from victims about their incidents of alleged molestations by the deceased “charitable” man. [WE HAVE YET TO READ THE STORY IN ANY BAHAMIAN NEWSPAPER]

Savile hosted a show on the BBC and was known for his philanthropy across the UK. According to revelations by a BBC reporter, Savile appeared larger than life to many institutions in that part of the world as he raised money to keep them operating.

His work, however, came with a price for  the next generation with scores of once young individuals now coming forward to express the terror of the crimes after their alleged accuser had passed.

But here’s the sin in all this that we at BP found so repugnant and unforgivable.

Marco Archer - 11-year-old found dead in Yorkshire Drive in Western New Providence. When will justice come for young Marco Archer?

The alleged crimes of Savile began in the period of the late 1960s and early 1970s when the world was gripped by the thought that sex was something to enjoy openly, wherever and with whomever. The fledging banner of liberal views battled vehemently with conservative values and there were those in the global society who were prepared to violate the innocent at any cost.

And ain’t a damn thing has changed!

And so the likes of Savile came along and no one sounded protestations to the claims by children at a time when many were being violated at the expense of “charity”.

What a damn shame!

And so as claims pour in and as inquiries into this latest UK scandal rise like a landfill heaped with rot in the public view, the alleged crimes of Savile must beg an answer to the question – “WHY”?

Why did not anyone in the MET [UK Police] stand up or follow up allegations on Savile when many visits by victims and their families to that institution were silenced? Victims came to lodge complaints against the BBC host but why did those charged with upholding the law fail to act? Did Savile buy them too?

Then what about the National Health Services [NHS] and private area hospitals around the UK? Why did not any in these places lend their voices to the victims who made claims of alleged molestations? Incidents were also discovered and hidden in those medical institutions. Why did those who swore oaths to protect and save lives stand paralyzed and watch the innocent traumatized and destroyed by one man? According to the Guardian [UK] “Doctors and managers at Stoke Mandeville hospital were afraid to challenge Jimmy Savile over the free access he enjoyed to wards, out of fear that he would take his fundraising millions elsewhere…” So at the expense of fundraising, “professionals”, they allowed one man to corrupt the institution and destroy and psychologically maim, rape and bastardize human beings? What hell on earth!

But it gets worse.

Some must also ask the question why wasn’t the church vocal on this? The church owned some of those hospitals, yet no one rose to the occasion and preached against the alleged ways of one pedophile blight in the society. No deacon, evangelist, minister, pastor, preacher or Bishop renounced the actions of the man who made victims of the innocent! In fact, he was rewarded at the highest levels of the Church. In one incident in particular, they gave Savile a Papal Honour.

Roll over and take it – that is the message being sent here.

What wicked evil exists in the world! Unbelievable!

Honours to Savile also came from the Monarch – could not Buckingham Palace know what was happening to children throughout institutions across the UK? This is not good.

And then it is the BBC, the institution that is supposed to be the upholders of truth and the protectors of the innocent. They were the employers of Savile, and some say were the chief culprits fanning his exploits. In fact, some reports now suggest that Savile’s alleged escapades was “employable” because it was the centre of a “culture” at the BBC.

Imagine that, an institution like the BBC – the model of global reporting and the “standard” for news gathering – could not speak about the rot hidden in its own walls and reveal to the public these alleged crimes.

The revelations remind us at Bahamas Press of the story found in the Bible, which speaks to a wall envisioned by Ezekiel discovered behind the altar. What the prophet found behind those wall were shocking to say the least.

How could such global institutions allow one man to corrupt them so nakedly?

This indeed leaves Bahamas Press in shocked amazement and has expanded our worldview.

Where was the Church, the NHS, the Monarch, the Police or the Media when the alleged crimes of Savile left a dangerous scar on everything and everyone, including the institutions designed to protect all of society?

And so imagine this: if Savile could have done this and gotten away with it in the UK – can You IMAGINE what is happening right here in the Bahamas?

Hold tight on yinner children! YA HEAR ME?

We report yinner decide!