How many dead persons remain on the Voter’s Register!?

Parliamentary Commissioner Lavardo Duncanson

NASSAU| On Thursday morning The Tribune is reporting that some 2,000 new voters have been added to the Voter’s Register. The Nassau Guardian is reporting some 13,000 New Names are on the voter’s register. Which of the News Papers paid close attention to the Parliamentary Commissioner Lavardo Duncanson presser? Or was this another April Fool’s joke in a very serious situation. WHO GOT IT RIGHT?

Duncanson also told the country some 5,700 deceased persons have been stricken from the VOTER’s Register a concern BP has voiced from the announcement of a permanent Voter’s Register by the Minnis Government. DEAD PEOPLE VOTING? What kinda of democracy is that?!

We ga say it again? How can you have a valid voter’s register with over 15,000 dead persons listed on it? HOW?

Yinner see the confusion I see yet?

We report yinner decide