How safe is LPIA, Where was the Security this Morning? We had “10/11” at LPIA today


Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau, Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas — When there is no Law and Order in a nation, even a fool knows they can go beyond the unthinkable.

Visitors and residents alike stood SHOCKED as a young “Jungal-ass” with a Jamaican accent boisterously approach a young man at the AA ticket counter early Saturday morning. The young man was carrying a black back pack with the “Death Squad” symbol (Skeleton head) on it, he seemed to be in total shock.

The WACKY woman, ordered the man outside of the LPIA facility. As her body gyrated like a lead off the shoulder Indian dancer in Rawson Square on Boxing Day. Profanity spew out of her mouth like the powerful Hurricane Irene’s with winds battering Cat Island.

What was shocking to us at BP was the fact that it was just 6:30am, and no security or Police officers were in sight! (They showed up 15 minutes later). ONLY IN THE BAHAMAS!

The load noise went on for about four minutes as hundreds of visitors departing the country looked on in amazement.

The attacker herself appeared to be in shock also to know how officers were not present, and NO body had the nerve to stop her. She was in control, so she decide to rain blows on her apparent acquaintance. We marked this event as an ATTACK on National Security at LPIA “10/11”.

Thanks to a Bahamian man that was checking in at Jet Blue, who found the nerve to walk over, and grab the woman by the arm leading her out the airport terminal doors. But the “Jungal-ass” continued to raise hell as visitors entered the airport.

What we could not fathom was the fact that when a Big Tall Reserve Police Officer did show up with a police car, he was nonchalant in his actions, and seems to have just woke up looking for a .99 cents breakfast.

He left the woman outside making noise.

We said, “ONLY IN THE BAHAMAS”….it is BETTER for all.

Can you imagine building a Bank without a SAFE?



  1. First of all I was the individual (male) involved in this incident and I was born in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. You ignorant ass holes at BP need to present facts and not deceive the Bahamian public with these false stories just to gain nothing. The young lady involve is clearly going through a mental issue and before you ass holes do your research and present facts to the public, you judge. She is a Bahamian born and I know this because we attended the same university. She is no ‘jung-lass” and I am certain she is more educated than you fools who wrote this article. I am certain her socio-economic status surpasses the entire staff at BP, so stop the lies and propaganda! And for your FYI the gentlemen who intervened is in fact a envoy of the law you stupid idiots!

  2. @ Broken Bahamas, I agree 100% with your angle and observation to this incident, I did not thought of all those options, YOU ARE RIGHT ON. The disturbance can be testing our vulnerability at this port of entry. Also it was clear both individuals in this incident were not born Bahamian.
    Our National Security needs to hire you as a consultant at this BRAND NEW AIRPORT.

  3. Love your storytelling BP. Very colorful. Lol. I agree with James Brown; this was not a terrorist attack, yet I see where you are coming from. A boisterous commotion should be dispelled immediately. Security should always be close by or present, taking no more than a minute to get there (how it is in 1st world countries), because these type of distractions could be part of a plot by the two individuals to distract workers and passengers away from a third culprit rummaging through bags looking to steal, or even worse, trying to plant an explosive or bomb. I have been in a situation like the former. That is why even someone making a scene could be part of a terrorist or criminal act. And yes I’ve seen many times Bahamian security are very lazy. They pretend like they don’t see the commotion. Like they’re afraid to get involved. This is the Bahamas. No one is doing their job. “Better” should change to “Only in the Bahamas.”

  4. Why was the airport open with no security on site? What if she had a knife or worse a gun? She could have done a lot more damage in 15min. That is to long to wait for a response, and only one sleepy officer showed up! So what is the response time for a stolen plane? Security is not a 9-ish to 5pm job, if the facility is open then security needs to be patrolling.

  5. @ James Brown: No no you can never be that lacks on security at an airport, it only takes a few seconds for something to go wrong, think about it Mr. Brown what if the back pack was…… need i say it ????

  6. According to Webster’s definition Terror is still:
    Fear, Horror, Fright, Dread, Shock, Panic and Alarm.
    All of the above took place during this LPIA incident, and all is the opposite of SECURITY.
    We must write what we see. Yes, 9/11 has change the Terror meaning to a point.
    Thanks for you input.

  7. Well when I work at the LPIA there was a big fight that erupted between an employee sand his employer due to the employer not paying his employees and this fight was in the present of Tourist & Natives departing the airport in the check area and this was swept under the rug and the employers continue on as if it was the order of the day. This fight was so distasteful even as a Bahamian I was embarrassed and on that particular day many Tourist and Native thought it was a terrorist attack.

  8. This is an incident that should not have happen not because it was an International terminal but a port of entry and she should’ve been dealt with accordingly. However posting this story as a “Bahamas Terror Attack” is a bit reckless as we know what terror attack means and this is not it. We must be careful what we are putting out there as a topic or headline

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