People gata stop jokin AND STOCK THE DAMN SHELVES!



Dear Sir/Madam,

I was overjoyed to listen to a popular talk show and hear of the many specials and discounts at my former food store chain in eastern New Providence was offering  to callers.

I was a regular shopper at the food store chain, but of late, I have found myself as a refugee in its rival’s store in the South.

To my surprise the store promoter was issuing gift certificates like they were going out of style, and boy I was overjoyed like a Jew in Moscow all ready, set to be heading back to Jerusalem.

Rather than going to the store in the south, which is bare like the cupboard  of’ ‘Mudder  Hubbard’, I decided to visit the store in the east and to my surprise I was shocked!

Finding bread was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but yet, there was no hay or needle! The shelves were empty as if Irene had visited the store.

Limited items were stacked to the front of the shelves like rocks on the edge of a cliff, offering no other choice. The meat selections were few. Mr. Editor, I could not find Hellmanns Mayonnaise to mix my potato salad.

The store looked as if it had been in the middle of the British riots; raided and all! The picture reminded me of a store in the centre of Kabul; empty in distress.

And then I wondered, how come that talk show host, who does talk everything he sees, didn’t see that store was on life support.

Don’t believe everything ya hear, go and check things out for yourself!

Mom and Pap stores are on the rise again, this writer gone back to shopping at Ms Mary, at least she have mayonnaise and the very best Hellmanns!

C. B. Pinder


  1. It’s so sad to see that less than a year later the company is heading right back to where it was before the old owners gave up on it. Truth be told CM will not survive. The new owner’s aren’t able to run it to be successful. This is what happens when you fire staff to make room for your family, friends and former employees who know nothing about the food business. Not because you have the “money” means you can make any business successful. They refuse to take the advice from long standing employees. Hence today the company is not fruitful at all. My heart goes out to those still working there but I’m not sorry for The Finnlaysons! Since November, 4 stores has closed, how many more will shut down or should i say they be evicted out of before they fall flat on their faces? It’s just a matter of time.

  2. It’s so sad to see the new owner’s has the company in the exact same position that it was in just before the old owner’s had giving up on them. Not because you have the funds means you can run a grocery business and be successful at it. You will slowly fall especially when you fired key individuals who knows what to do and hire your family, friends and former employees to take over something they have NO knowledge about. I’m not sorry for The Finnlaysons but however my heart goes out to the hundred’s of current employees.

  3. Hmmmm, for argument’s sake, lets just say that the store chain’s initials were C.M. and the store’s marketing rep quit that job as of the close of business the day of that remote….would that surprise anyone?!? Or could you simply chalk that up as “writing on the wall??” Hmmmmm….verrrry interesting!

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