Howard Johnson turns on the people of South and Central Eleuthera and fled back to the US! Is he an American Citizen?


Former FNM Candidate HO JO turns comes to almost cussin match with Eleutherans and pens a Debbie Ferguson type letter on facebook back to them from the US! WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

Former FNM Candidate Ho JO leave country and tell off the people of South and Central Eleuthera.

Nassau, Bahamas — BP has discovered that Howard “Mr. Bamboozled” Has left the Bahamas to reside once again in the US.

We are advised he wants nothing to do with the people of South and Central Eleuthera. BP was the news organization which told you that Bamboozled was bankrupt when he campaigned and was not eligible to run.

But Mr. Bamboozle has some words for the people of South Central Eleuthera and posted this on his facebook page. What if the people of Eleuthera were duped into electing this JACKASS? – READ FOR YOURSELVES….

“Howard MrBamboozle Johnson”

“Gossip Folks and Business Minders in my lovely hometown of Governors Harbour, Eleuthera please note…My 15 year old son in in Florida with me:YES! You want to know how? BAHAMASAIR JET. You want to know how he got in school over here?

“REGISTRATION and ENROLLMENT! He’s here because people like yall refuse to change yall nasty and disgusting ways. Instead of trying to engage in social, educational and spiritual uplift of the youts dem yall constantly engage in the systematic and malicious marginalization and destruction of the youts with pure mouth murderin!

“Imagine that yall had all the negative stuff to say about my son because of his behavioral and academic problems at Central Eleuthera High. Nevermind that yall hypocrites have children or had children who were teenagers and made mistakes as well! Nevertheless, plenty of yall wrote my son off just like yall did me all those years ago so ya know what? He’s in Florida now with me. He has a new school, a new life, and a new sense of purpose! By the way haters–He’s already excelling as evidenced by his grades, awards and glowing commendations from his teachers at his new school!

“If yall mouth muderin was the fulfilling prophesy of his destiny, he would still be on the path to destruction as is the case with many young men in the topsy turvy concrete jungle aka da streets. However, Emily Petty Simona Knowles and Howard MrBamboozle Johnson saw fit to intervene and give this young man a new lease on life and he is responding admirably to my joy and my pride! If yall have any further questions or comments about matters concerning my first born child, woman or man up and come ask me. Since yall dont write me no checks for him and I dont ask yall for charitable contributions for his care and welfare: PUSH OUT! Watch ya own children cuz mine aint perfect just like yall children aint either! Deuces!”


Only thing BP could add to that are the words – “Ya been had, took, hoodwinked, Bamboozled, run-amok and LIED TO” – ” VELL MUDDA SICK”!

We report yinner decide!