Hubert Ingraham takes out Laura Williams


Hubert Ingraham has taken his anger out on a small business woman, Laura Williams.

The fruit woman returned to her stall on Blue Hill Road yesterday all to discover some foreigner building the road was instructed to STOP, REVIEW AND CANCEL her business.

MY MY MY Hubert Ingraham has no DAMN SHAME!


  1. This lady along with all the other vendors was given ample notice to move. They were also reminded on a weekly basis that the time was coming for them to move. Why should we, yes I mean we as we are the taxpayers that are paying for the road improvement project, lose money cause Ms Laura wants be rude. She represents what is wrong with this society, no respect and I can do whatever I want attitude. If we keep thinking small we will forever be a third world country.

  2. You all can’t be serious. Is this the same woman who spit on Brent Symonette? When you spit in the wind it bows right back in your face. Wipe your face Laura. The spit is on you this time.

  3. “Dats” too bad for Ms. Williams. She has a very nasty attitude and knew this was coming….and i am very much PLP!!

  4. we blame the government for everything,i am sure miss williams was given ample time to vacate the space she occupied in order for the works to be carried out,she should have known all along that they will be coming her way,all she have to do is set up somewhere else i sure she could make money elsewhere.

    • Yes Yes she was given ample time for yinner to tell her carry her you_KNOW_WHAT!



  5. This is not worth my effort……Laura needs Christ not the PLP…… is short, her attitude is unbecoming of a mother and a business woman.

    • Why attack a poor woman and not the JACKASS WHO took her stall?



  6. hey let us all try to remember that the stall in on the government property[side walk] I wish that the government could move all the road side vendor.
    QUESTION: So any of you guys[road side vendors] pay taxes? ie NIB contribution, yearly business license fee, light bill, water bill……….sure you get the picture. Maybe the government should lease Nassau to the Port Authourity, we’ll then have more honest business people.

  7. It`s a shame when a hard working Bahamian women, is ridiculed on this site and others for no other reason than for being a PLP supporter. laura Has the work ethic that should be taught to our children.

    PS; if you ever get the chance try her okra soup it`s the best in the Bahamas.

  8. guys, laura cannot comprehend… so don’t talk
    she cannot read or write…. so don’t send letters or notices. all that she can do is go to superwash and get that hair pressed. oh, that spin cycle just makes her DIZZY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  9. While I believe that this has nothing to do with politics, I must say that I have to agree with Joey. He is absolutely right in saying that she is the biggest supporter of the PLP and if she wanted to she could’ve had a nice fruit market of her own instead of being on the side of the road or on someone else’s property. Joey said it right BP, ya can’t blame papa for this one!

  10. Yall is sumtin else boy!! I send my comment bout dis story and yall never put it up.I can see what yall think about it.This wud be my first and last time on dis site.Thank you

  11. What in the world Hubert Ingraham have to do with that?As long as I know myself that lady had a stall on the side of the road or on Mr Rupert Roberts propety.This lady is the biggest supporter of the PLP and and she still selling fruits on the roadside with all that dust and fumes blowing from cars.She have no shame because her party had two prime ministers who she supported to the max and with her big mouth she should of tried to get a permanent spot on crown land and sell her fruits and maybe even expand her business,dont blame Papa for that one.

    • Not sure why Joey or BP is all worked up about this. I don’t see this as political at all either way. There are road works and she must move to allow the works to progress. It doesn’t mean she can’t find another spot or even return when its done. She is a PLP supporter but so what? What does that have to do with roadworks?

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