Hubert Ingraham went on not one single Talk Show in all of 2012 – WE WONDER WHY?


Hubert Ingraham today taking the oath in Parliament which after he fled the House perhaps never to return.

Bahamian paparazzi found Hubert Ingraham bunker down in his chambers

Nassau, Bahamas — After Hubert Ingraham ran out of the Parliament yesterday, one group of paparazzi chased after him and got an interview in his office.

Still licking his wounds like a loser, Ingraham was still in shock.

The Wutless media representatives sat in front of him like nuns holding vigils ready to console the former Prime Minister. But they were short on asking him solid questions. Like:

What about these charges of bribes carried out by his party days before the May 7th General Elections?

Or why was he so disrespectful to the Governor General by refusing to listen to his Speech from the Throne?

Or we wonder why they didn’t ask the former Prime Minister why he haul [***] out of Parliament?

Readers forget how on election night Papa Clown told the nation that he would not take his seat in the lower house, but yesterday he showed up in split tail suit. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!

But in the entire interview there is one thing that stood out. Ingraham’s comment about the PLP’s Mortgage Relief Plan, outlined by the Governor General, aimed to save hundreds of homes facing foreclosure. And here’s where everyone reading BP must pay close attention.

Ingraham said in the clip below that the PLP’s Mortgage Relief Plan is a sensible and “DOABLE proposition”.  He further went on to say that it was similar to the plan being proposed by the FNM.

Sometime early in his term, Hubert Ingraham announced from Washington that his government was about to implement a plan to rescue homeowners facing foreclosure, but guess what! That was the last you heard of him on that topic.

Now get this, in the April 5th, 2012 edition of the Nassau Guardian, just days before the General Elections, Hubert Ingraham had this to say about the same PLP’s Mortgage Relief Plan: “I think it is a pie in the sky and not workable and you should talk to the professionals in the business….It’s very thoughtlessly done, designed I suppose to do what it has done, to be catchy.”

That same day when the former PM made those comments, he then told reporters his party would put forward a plan. Guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!

And here is where we now turn to the “so-called” Journalists sitting in front of Hubert Ingraham yesterday.

Does anyone think the two loyal reporters from the Nassau Guardian remembered that? Or were they there to just echo Hubert Ingraham’s continued barage of lies, deflections, spin and untruths?


Media in this country are sometimes just as WUTLESS AS THE LEADERS THEY CHASE AFTER!!! DO YA DAMN JOB!

We give you an A+ for running behind Hubert Ingraham like a real paparazzi should, but you failed when it came to pointing out the clear questions that needed to be put to the former PM.

Maybe next time.

Now here’s an assignment for the people hosting talk shows. Hubert Ingraham is acclaimed for having “OPENED AND FREED THE AIRWAYS”!

Could someone, ANYONE tell us why did he never joined one single talk show in all of 2012 leading up to the General Elections? We wonder if the FNM thought about that?

Do you think Ingraham would go on one now?

We report yinner decide!


  1. Is this report for real? I see why we have so many poor young people within the public school system satisfied with ‘D’ grades. With reports like this being put out by Bahamian information groups they see no reason to strive and be better. Not only are you reporting from a bias, you are reporting with obvious emotional involvement. This is not professional. Instead of submitting ‘gap seed’ speak of the plans Bradley Roberts (Chairman of PLP Party) and the Hon. Brave Davis (Deputy Prime Minister) say that they have to bring charges against former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and plan for him to go before a Commission of Inquiry.

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