Hubert Ingraham vanishes from Parliament like a HOLOGRAM!


Defeated Candidates Shonel Ferguson, Carl Bethel and Brensil Rolle in Parliament flashing the victory sign at the opening of Parliament today.

What ever happened to the Red Sea?…Cross Dresser seeks Chaplain post in FNM

Nassau, Bahamas — Today, Parliament opened in the City of Nassau and all we can say is this, look what a difference May 7th made.

The PLP is now the government and the once powerful, almighty, how great thou art, one man band FNM Government has collapsed into Opposition with only 9 seats in the House of Assembly and 4 seats in the Senate. Boy, things just aren’t the same!

The man who was dead scared to ring the bell – and has now become a common man – showed up today only to be greeted with loud boos from the crowd – as was Loretta Butler Turner. Proven Leadership which lead the FNM into defeat!

Hubert Ingraham today taking the oath in Parliament which after he fled the House perhaps never to return.

Ingraham could not face the people. He took his oath and then ran through the backdoor and fled Parliament.

What a lowlife!

What we are afraid of is this. Where has the FNM vanished? They have few numbers, with weak Parliamentarians and broke as the woman who lived in the shoe.

If you don’t believe us, check the Party’s OVER-DRAWN bank account and accumulated bills, adding up to over $6 MILLION AND COUNTING! It’s UNBELIEVABLE!

Moreover, the FNM could not afford a decent hall to hold its one-day convention. UNTHINKABLE!

The dance is this weekend at the Holy Trinity Activity Centre where the FNM lost a seat. In the churchyard you cannot get a decent drink of gin and tonic water.

This must be a gathering of prayer, fasting and no skylarking!

And from the looks of things, the dogfight as we know it, is just about to begin. Four personalities are running for the deputy leadership of the Party. The man who abandoned the good people of Carmichael to run in North Andros and got beat is one of the four wounded.

The other three are the ‘sexy’ Loretta Butler-Turner, the ‘sexy’ Gladys Johnson-Sands and the man who says he is “SEXIER” than everyone else in the race: Cassius ‘ELMO’ Stuart. ‘VELL MOTORBITE!’ [FLAT-LINE]

In the Chairman post we hear Anthony Tinny wants the job. Pillsbury Dough Boy also wants the job. Dr. FRIDAY SPECIAL AND bad candidate in Lizzy wants the job – look what the heartless surgeon has come to. And someone else we forget just now, who like our memory was invisible all through the campaign, is expected to run. All contenders want be chairman of the losing Party. Look what they come to.

But here is the icing on the cake. BP has heard from “RELIABLE SOURCES” inside the FNM that a known cross-dresser wants the Chaplain post and is prepared to “pray” his/her/it way to the top. Call da balice!

Sources tell us the cross-dresser was a regular on Bay Street and Dowdeswell Street all hours of the day and night!

The known ‘Cinderella’ we are told is prepared to invoke the ‘don’t ask don’t tell policy’ inside the FNM. What is this?

Look what the FNM has come to!

Broke, busted, disgusted and out-a-power!

Boy, mama said there would be days like this!

Who is ya Papa nah?

We report yinner decide!


  1. Why don’t these 3 “LOSER” go and get lost. There PAPA did so why are they still there?

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