Millions in public funds channel thorough Local officials on the Family Islands for elections


MICAL MP V. Alfred Gray could find some serious and criminal incidents may have been committed by his local government officers prior to the general elections.

Alleged Bribery incidents committed by the FNM Gov’t beginning to take shape…

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news! Sources in the OPM tell us that millions of dollars were funneled by the FNM GOVERNMENT through the local government councils in the family islands in an effort to buy votes.

In some cases Chief Councilors were acting in concert with certain administrators to distribute the money.

We call on the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government to investigate these claims immediately. We call on them to look closely at the north and central Eleuthera councils in particular.

Our readers would recall that we did a story prior to elections concerning how a cheque for $10,000 was issued to Howard Johnson, the FNM candidate in South and Central Eleuthera, by the island administrator Mr. Christofil Johnson.

Howard Johnson at the time did not have a NIB number nor a business license.

Persons on the island are still trying to find out what did Mr. Johnson did with the people’s money.

We call on the Christie Administration to act quickly as some people may need to do the Bank Lane shuffle, and let the chips fall where they may.



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