Hundreds turnout in support of hanging the all murders!


pro-hanging<<< Some three hundred (300) persons  partcipated in a march, motorcade and demonstration  organized by the Workers Party and families of murdered Victim on Saturday the 14th November 2009. The Workers Party lead marchers  through the streets of Nassau to condemn crime and murder. Marchers demanded  that the  FNM government prevent murderers from getting bail and that all  murderers be hanged promptly.

In the Photo leading the march and holding the Bahamas flag is Workers Party Chairman Allan Strachan. Holding the placard which read “no bail for murderers” is Senior central committee member Neal Stubbs.


  1. @Kim Sands
    I agree fully Kim. We need to hang them high. I understand due process and all of that, but at the same time, we have many criminals out on bail that are committing these acts of violence. The criminal justice system in this country allows this to happen. WE NEED SWIFT JUSTICE AND WE NEED IT NOW!!! Our judicial system is broken and these criminals are capitalizing on it, and sadly to our detriment. We need to make an example of these delinquents and maybe we can begin to make a lasting impression on these young men who have us all living in fear. Last week the US put the DC sniper to death. What will it take for us to realize that we need a different approach to dealing with these hardened criminals?

  2. People just tired of all these senseless killings and they would just like to see justice prevail. It is very painful the way these animals is go around killing people for the most stupid reasons, then these fools will let them right back out on the street again, so they could kill more people, until somebody finally kills them. Hang them one time and finish away with it. Put a stop to this vicious cycle.

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