I want to know who is paying Joe Darville?


VAT PSA 15 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

Letter to the editor

Joe Darville

Dear Editor,

One must wonder what medication from the National Prescription DRUG PLAN this fella is on?

One day he is supporting the people with Ms BOYCOTT BAHAMAS, then, when you hear from him next, he is against gambling after going on the national stage campaigning for gambling.

Before that he wanted to block development and job opportunities for Biminites when he said he was heading up a COALITION AGAINST that major island development project!

If you listen to him these days, he says he wants a Freedom of Information Act – well, look here – WHO YINNER THINK IS PAYING JOE DARVILLE to say all these things? Could it be the same fella who brought the killer CANE TOAD into Lyford Cay????

These dem kind-a Bahamians who does drop dey pants and say, “GIMMIE DOLLAR!”

Making plenty noise and making no sense over nothing…. It must be the medication!


K. Munroe

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