Pilots at Bahamasair went on strike last night leaving passengers stranded!


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Pilots cannot explain why with all the money they make at B’air why would they not show up for work?

Bahamians left stranded at airports in the US and around the country after pilots strike at the peek of the holidays...

Bahamians who haven’t shopped since Ingraham was in power left abandoned in US by Bahamasair pilots! Ya can’t win for losing – YA GET BACK ON YA FEET AND THE ECONOMY GETS GROWING AND THE DAMN PILOTS WALK OFF THE JOB!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — Fights became backed up and passengers left stranded as scores of Bahamasair pilots staged a major strike action in the peek of the holidays.

An emergency meeting late yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister was expected to resolve the issue.

It is still unclear why passengers of the safe airline failed to show up to work, however, it is expected a major decision will be announced following a meeting of the Cabinet come Tuesday morning.

Bahamas Press has learnt hundreds of passengers across the country and in the US were left abandoned in airports with pilots failing to show up for work.

According to a source, “The cost to the airline and ultimately the Bahamian taxpayers will be huge. This foolish decision by pilots could cripple the airline and force consequences for employees.”

We at Bahamas Press just don’t understand why for the sake of the country would people pickup and walk off their good paying jobs in the Bahamas when people around the world are looking for work?

We report yinner decide!

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