If BTC is not sold, Why are ads being ran online around the region to fill positions at BTC?


Bahamians must now apply to an office in the UK if they seek to have this job at the telephone giant here in the Bahamas. We wonder, If BTC is not sold, Why are ads being ran online around the region to fill positions at BTC?

This must be distressing to the workers at the Corporation.


  1. What have we come to in this Bahamas. Back in the day when you could not walk down Bay Street or go through front doors. We seem to be coming backwards. Where in the world a foriegn Company can come in and dictate to us as Bahamian. My Government you’ll need to fix this. The Bahamian hero of yesterday are crying out in shame for the way Bahamians are getting treated.

  2. If the instinct of Cable & Wireless is to hire a local person to advise them then I say GOOD! They are paying attention to Bahamian culture and so maybe they will be a good partner to government in the ownership of BTC.

  3. Bahamians are not serious about protecting their interest in BTC.

    A few years back in Nassau, when GAY men decided to come out bold in the public’s eyes under the PLP government. Someone decided to brutally kill a few well-known “girly men.” After those killing, most GAY men crawled back in to their shell.

    The message was sent strong.

  4. It’s very normal for international businesses to advertise and gear up for potential takeovers. Blind mailbox job ads like this are pretty standard, even before deals are truly consummated. Usually there would be a clause in the person’s contract that speaks to these aspects. I would think that C&W began the process of hiring or setting up transitional positions for several areas, once the MOU was signed. Sounds like they are going to move fast to complete the transition, as opposed to dragging things out. I can respect that.

  5. Dont be IDIOT’s There is NO WHERE On this AD that says BTC THINK Bahamas do not be FOOLED by this MADNESS by Bahamas press propaganda! USE YOUR GOD GIVEN Sense when they can provide proof that this ad is for BTC Then begin to THINK AGAIN….C&W owns SEVERAL Telecommunications companies in the CARIBBEAN which is the ONLY reference to the region. AGAIN THINK this has no MERIT or VALUE that it is an AD for BTC….
    DO NOT BE FOOLED Bahamians use your BRAINS… I mean that for all the POLITICAL Parties; FNM, PLP, BDM, NDP…

  6. The Bahamian public must be made aware that while our government is actively SAFE GUARDING the benefits and profits of BRITISH AND AMERICAN pension funds[major share holders in Cable And Wireless}it is DESTROYING THE PROFITS OF BAHAMIAN PENSION FUNDS THAT ARE INVESTED IN CABLE BAHAMAS.NATIONAL INSURANCE IS THE BIGGEST SHARE HOLDER OF CABLE BAHAMAS OWNING IN EXCESS OF 20% OF THE SHARES.We all know that National Insurance is seeking to obtain BETTER RETURNS on its investment.So one must asked the question whose INTEREST is the government LOOKING AFTER?By the way Cable Bahamas HAS the technology to offer AND COMPETE IN ALL SECTORS OF COMMUNICATION WITH CABLE AND WIRELESS!!!

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