IMF warns Government to increase “net income” by more than $300m – NEW TAXES? ELECTION COMING!


We are now getting a snapshot on why Peter Turnquest ran from the Finance JOB!

Prime Minister Minnis and Minister of Finance, Peter Turnquest; Lost in Space on economy!

NASSAU| Bahamians are now learning when you hire garbage you get garbage dumbness results in running your BILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday exposed the harsh austerity Bahamians face post-COVID by urging the government to increase its “net income” by more than $300m over four years.

The fund, in its full Article IV report on The Bahamas, argued that strict fiscal measures are required to get the national finances back on track over the next decade to meet the Fiscal Responsibility Act’s targets following the debt and deficit blow-out produced by the pandemic and Hurricane Dorian.

This could only mean every Bahamian should expect higher taxes. NOW, what they mean get back on track when according to the FNM the country was never on any track? We know the FNM does lie!

Well, something is about to hit the fan. ANYONE seen MOODYS or S & P report yet? BRACE FOR HIGHER TAXES and perhaps before that a General ELECTION!

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We report yinner decide!