What about the workers who are collectively owed nearly three quarters of a million dollars from Sky Bahamas?

Skybahamas aircraft flat on the ground after its landing gear failed as it parked at the domestic section of LPIA in 2013.

Dear Editor,

I read with concern a report in the paper this week about a foreign investor seeking a default judgement against former Sky Bahamas CEO Randy Butler. Don’t get me wrong, if the investor has been wronged in the collapse of the airline, he should recover what he is owed.

But what about the workers? What about the 40 Sky employees who are collectively owed nearly three quarters of a million dollars? We worked for months without pay only to be dismissed without any severance.

Many of us are suffering. We have children to feed, school bills to pay, mortgages hanging over our heads. Some who lived on Abaco or Grand Bahama were severely impacted by Hurricane Dorian and were just trying to get back on their feet when calamity struck.

The management and staff of Sky Bahamas have been left out in the cold and can’t even get Captain Butler to show up to the Industrial Tribunal to discuss the matter. We have been taken advantage of and totally ignored.

We wish Mr Kaiser all the best in recovering his money, but we don’t want our claim to fall between the cracks. Captain Butler knows what he owes us. He should have the decency to come to the table and speak with those who gave him so much over the years.


A former Sky employee