NIB Director takes vacation leave time and departs Board with celebration by staff!


Why is Brensil Rolle absent from NIB? No one has seen him for a bit!

NIB Headquarters
Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle

NASSAU| Staff at NIB were popping champagne and doing the moonwalk this week as the Director at the Board departed the Clifford Darling Complex. 

Dr. Nicola Virgil-Rolle, a brilliant mind, by the way,  departed NIB to take her vacation time. She will take up a post on her new job in Lyford Cay. We wish her well.

Staff were celebrating but the director did send her words back, “RUN..!” NIB is in a crisis as benefits stall to a trickle. The fund, many believe, is now in jeopardy with thousands unemployed, thousands more lining up for benefits and businesses going bust by the day. 

The Board at NIB met this week for the first time for the year after BP highlighted the ineptitude at the top. They also met to send off Virgil-Rolle and begin interviews for the new incoming Director. The Board members don’t like the soon former Director, and she, in response, has suggested that the Board is filled with duncy rejects. We believe her on this point.

Anyway, we are hearing Minister for NIB Brensil Rolle has been MIA for a bit and has not shown up at the Board for a while. We are sending this out for CONCERNED CITIZENS to check up on the weakest Minister that ever sat in a Cabinet. 

We report yinner decide!