Immigration begins its operations in Abaco and still must deal with complaints against Elvin Ricardo Jupiter AKA RICK Jupiter

Elvin Ricardo Jupiter AKA RICK Jupiter

Abaco| A serious Operation Expedition took place in the early morning on the Island of Abaco to capture a large number of undocumented immigrants on that Island.  The Operation was members of the Immigration Department special team.

In the first hour of Operation Expedition, some 23 undocumented Haitians were found and the count has grown as the hours progressed.

The Immigration authorities say Operation Expedition could continue through the holiday weekend to cut down on the number of undocumented illegals on Abaco.

Meanwhile, Immigration Officers have yet to show Bahamar Manager Elvin Ricardo Jupiter AKA RICK Jupiter the door. We understand Jupiter has applied for residency in the Bahamas. Now, when reviewing his application, they better take into consideration the multiple complaints in the Human Resources department inside Bahamar against the expat regarding his terrible treatment of Bahamians. 

We have put this story out before and we ga keep putting it out until Immigration gets its act together and deals with this plague deep inside Bahamar!

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