Incompetence by FNM cost taxpayers over 154 Million Dollars in just four incidents alone when they served in government!


SUNDAY SPECIAL >>>> Ingraham, Minnis and Grant should be the last crew to raise issue with BAMSI – the last crew!

The two Huberts who wrecked the financial purse of the Bahamas!

The men who almost destroyed the financial powerhouse of the Bahamas and left citizens broke, unemployed and hungry!

Nassau, Bahamas – Sometimes you gata wonder what brand of ganja members of the WUTLESS media are smoking each week as they fuel their venom daily against the Christie Government.

Editorial pens were working overtime for the FNM all to painfully fuel public commentary following the episodes of BAMSI where a contract was awarded to a contractor at the school. That contractor’s negligence to insure the male dorm complex, which was set on fire at the Institution in North Andros, is just another detraction that has put opposition members into a fit.

Since the construction of BAMSI began, those against the idea of food self-sufficiency have made loud their voices attacking every move with the project. Despite millions stimulating the economy of North Andros with road paving, housing rental, increased flights and construction jobs, members of the opposition are once again against Bahamians getting a piece of the pie.

Had we not had the fire at BAMSI, one must ask what would the Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis [a relative of the arsonist] have to say?

Minnis and his Leader of Government Business in House, Neko Grant, had plenty to say in the Parliament over BAMSI last week, but they both are mute when it comes to their own records in public life.

The country has a situation recently where it was discovered how some 10 Million Dollars in prescription drugs went unaccounted for at the PHA. The leader of the opposition, who severed as Minister of Health at the time, said it was an error. The PHA top executive – who is in business with Minnis – went quiet! And the press went quiet on the matter. 10 Million Dollars just vanished like Houdini under the FNM!

Then there is this report where another 10 Million Dollars was spent by Hubert Ingraham on a Radar system at LPIA. The same critical Neko Grant was Mr. Ingraham’s Minister of Transport when this scandal went down. And get this: That radar system was never used! Amazingly, the opposition leadership has nothing to say on that! Absolutely nothing! Minnis was silent…Ingraham went silent and Grant is where ya put me, yet, they are having a fit about BAMSI after wasting $10 Million of limited tax dollars? UNBELIEVABLE!

And what is even worse is the fact that when you hear Neko Grant making jokes over the BAMSI matter, you must wonder if he remembers how when he served as Minister of Works he witnessed a building now housing the AG’s Office, costing taxpayers as much as $34 Million over budget! The blatant recklessly mismanaged by the former regime – where Minnis and Grant sat in the Cabinet Room doing only the Master knows what – are mute on that! Yet, they are up in arms about BAMSI?!

Chal Please!

Or how about Neko Grant’s ‘stellar incompetence’ on the poor management of the road works, which cost taxpayers a whopping $100 million in overruns. Need we say more?

Those four situations right there alone adds up to 154 Million Dollars in wastage by the Opposition alone when they managed the country! But yet, Minnis and Grant are having a fit over a building at BAMSI – a building their supporter torch!?

They can’t be serious.

We report yinner decide!

Neko Grant led the charge to the worse financial wastage in the history of the Bahamas!