Ingraham’s 2.2 million dollar sand on beach expert is now the friend of PLP Ministers


FNM Ed Curling was once transported on a UNITED STATES DEA Helicopter!

What is the FNM bagman doing coming off the defence Force plane? What is papa doing driving flying on the Defence Force plane? Isn't this the same man who accused Pindling of flying on the KING AIR in 1992 which was an executive charter of Bahamasair? WHAT IS THIS? FILE PHOTO.

How could this man now pretend to be a PLP – when he is a die-hard FNM and has kept  Ingraham’s Yacht ‘DEL KING’ in the back of his yard!

John Ed Curling - The Tycoon from Tycoon Management IS A HARDCORE FNM - Now chasing PLP MPS.

Nassau, Bahamas — The diehard FNM contractor who served as Hubert Ingraham’s Bagman during the FNM defeat has now turned fake and is wearing GOLD and acting like a PLP.

The contractor, we are told, is now landing Big Money from the PLP government after telling all the dirty secrets of the FNM and his former Papa.

Curling, you should know, was Ingraham’s man watching the great Arawak Cay Port giveaway and was the henchmen who Ingraham paid 2.2 million dollars in advance to throw sand on the beach and money on the ground.

The big switcher is now cozy with the PLPs and is telling his FNM friends, “don’t mind me – I gata live – see y’all in 2017!”

Curling was once taken in a DEA helicopter after being investigated – and we all know why the DEA does pick people up. But despite that, he was Hubert Ingraham’s most trusted friend and some say the two are still spotted together at times.

Members of the PLP should be careful with Ed Curling as Hubert Ingraham’s signature yacht ‘DEL KING’ is still parked in the back of his gated home dock.


Here is Papa Clown and his goons in Bains Town during the 2012 elections. He is Ed Curling the same man who was given a 2.2 million dollar contract to throw sand on the beach. Some say he is the bagman for Papa. Birds of a feather do flock together. THIEF!!!
Bahamians need to keep your eyes on this man in the white shirt. He landed with the Prime Minister in Cat Island during the General Elections to take out the PLP Deputy Leader.. Him name is Egar Curling. He was the man with the Money Bag for the FNM in Cat Island. He is the man who Papa gave 2.2 million dollars to put sand on Saunders Beach. But guess what? He is now following PLPs.

We report yinner decide!