pm-guyana-b<<< There he is like a porter waiting until MUGABE [L] drinks his potion, COP Reginald Ferguson [R], is one of Hubert Ingraham’s goons! They’re all over the place wiretapping senior police officers cellphones, office lines, faxes and emails. WHAT A SHAME or better yet, WHAT A GOON!

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press continues on with the expose of Hubert Ingraham’s plans by having his most dangerous goons in strategic positions in law enforcement. Bahamas Press now calls on Reginald Ferguson, Commissioner of Police, to come front and center.

While most Bahamians have doubted the validity of the claim that a police commissioner does not react to the wishes/orders of the political directorate; Reginald Ferguson, as police commissioner has confirmed that doubt, as he sits in the seat of police commissioner as Ingraham’s goon.

Bahamas Press need not go into the far reaching ramifications of having a political police commissioner. But we do have a few questions for Reginald Ferguson that causes concern as to whether he should have even still been on the police force.img358

1. Why was Ferguson removed from PM Pindling’s body-guard detail?
2. Why was Ferguson removed from SIB?
3. Why was Ferguson removed from The DEU?

These are questions that have hovered like dark clouds over the career of Reginald Ferguson. Bahamas Press believes that he is not fit to manage the entity that protects against criminal activity. We do believe, however, that he is fit to manage the criminal plans of Hubert Ingraham-and that is why he reigns over the police force as Ingraham’s goon.


  1. @mashup
    The Police have not released any figures as Annual reports are a thing of the past.From my sources inside the Southeastern division alone accounted for more than 1/3 of all Murders in the Bahamas.Breakins have hit the roof and drugs are available anywhere in the Bahamas.The numbers racket is supposed to be illegal but each day web cafes are set up throughout Nassau.Tyhe web shops are hit todsy and open tomorrow.More web shops,dope houses ,hitmen in the history of the Bahamas and what does the Cop do?Just follow HAI around like a lapdog and not offering any solutions to the Bahamian public.Everybody in our country scared and this is worse than crime itself.One last thying b4 i go,a man kills his cousin in the front of other family members and at the Court hearing no evidence could be adduced.A Supreme Court Judge has criticised the COP for trying to force a young lady to give false testimony in a Murder case,thats how desperate the COP is.A born loser.

  2. @ russell
    I agree that Ferguson sucks, but on what factual data do you base the statement that crime has quadrupled under his leadership?

  3. I have other questions for the Commissioner of Police:

    (a) Why did he not provide protection for ex policeman Marcian Scott who was gunned down and killed by gangsters who had viciously killed Constable Armbrose?
    (b) Why did he not provide protection for Leander Culmer who was gunned down by gangsters?Culmer was buried Sat past 25/07

    (c) Why did he kidnap porters and bypass the extradition treaty resulting in them being jailed in Florida.
    (d) Why is he still on the Police Force when he forced younger and more efficient Policeman to retire?

    Yes BP this COP has got to go.The FNM council has already voted for him to go as Crime has quadrupled under his leadership.HAI is getting what he bargained for a lap dog.

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