Ingraham didn’t have the courtesy to congratulate the PLP or North Abaco – What a selfish man


Hubert Ingraham and his bad candidate were rejected by North Abaco in a huge way.

Treasury Cay, Abaco BP congratulates the good people of North Abaco for finally having the good sense to rid themselves of the tyrant, known as Hubert Alexander Ingraham. He lorded over them for thirty-five years, handing out plum jobs to supporters and –  like a spoilt child – punishing those who disagreed with him.

In its editorial this morning, the Wutless Terlet paper, the Tribune, in an effort to defend Ingraham, who they “pimped out” to the Americans while he was a Cabinet Minister in the Pindling Government, claims that democracy is dead in Abaco. Well, we did not hear them make this claim in South Andros in 1997 nor in 2010 in the Lizzy bye – election when Ingraham spent the public money like a ‘Jungaliss’ with a stolen credit card.

They quoted the former Speaker of the House, Alvin Smith, who said, “Democracy was not allowed to breathe”. Wow, is this the same man who allowed Hubert Ingraham to use the word “Wutless” in the House? Is this the same man who didn’t have the courtesy to tell the good people of North Eleuthera thanks for their support?  He should be the last person to speak about democracy the way he conducted himself in the House of Assembly.

Well, the chickens have finally come home to roost. Ingraham got his comeuppance.  The people spoke loud and clear, saying “we are not afraid of you anymore and we finally get to show you by rejecting your handpicked candidate”.

The ungrateful bastard could not be magnanimous in defeat.  He could not bring himself to congratulate the PLP or Renardo Curry. Instead he went on the attack. He insulted a reporter in his usual crass way. He also insulted the good people of North Abaco, who brought this Mongrel from “rags to riches” and this is the thanks they get.

He accused them of selling their votes for a “mess of pottage”, these same people who supported him for thirty-five years. He is shameless and this is unbelievable.

These are the same people who supported him, allowing him to enjoy the life he now has with a big fat pension and perks. This same barefoot boy who came from Pineridge to the “White” Grove! He now owns several houses, all off the backs of these same people.

Wow what manner of man would attack the people who gave him the very life he enjoys today? Only an ungrateful! Uncouth! No good wretched – Bastard.


We say good riddance.