Ingraham FNM Government Backs Gay Rights at UN


Hubert Ingraham and defeated Elizabeth Candidate Duane Sand. file Photo


NG Senior Reporter
Published: Jun 18, 2011

The Bahamas supports the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution passed yesterday that affirms equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Brent Symonette.

The resolution, which narrowly passed in the council in Geneva, Switzerland, expressed “grave concern” about discrimination against gays throughout the world and affirmed that freedom to choose sexuality is a human right.

The Bahamas does not have a seat on the council, but is in favor of the resolution in principle, Symonette said.

He noted that he had not seen the resolution, but said the government supports the expansion of rights for “people of any persuasion.”

“Our record is clear, we continue to support freedom of expression and the right for people to express their opinions,” Symonette said.

“We actually voted in expansion of the rights [of GLBT people in a UN General Assembly vote earlier this year].”

The resolution passed in the human rights council also asked the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to conduct a study by the end of the year that would point out “discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity in all regions of the world.”

Twenty-three countries on the human rights council supported the resolution, 19 voted against it and three countries abstained.

The resolution was the first of its kind passed by the council. It was fiercely opposed by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, among other countries.

The United States supported the resolution, which also asked that the study be conducted before the end of the year to look at how international laws can “be used to end violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The resolution also said that the council will form a panel once the study is completed to discuss “constructive, informed and transparent dialogue on the issue of discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

One month ago, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay equated homophobia and transphobia to misogyny and racism. She also claimed that hate crimes against GLBT people were on the rise.

“States have an obligation to decriminalize homosexuality and to protect individuals from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation,” she said.


  1. sounds more like u been to jail SIMTTY; u mean there is something called blanket roll in jail. I’ll bet u enjoyed yourself SIMTTY.Tell the world why u are so protective and caring for this sick life style; u seems pretty sure of who u are SIMTTY: why are so angry,u hens got a TUMS-UP at the UN, and your government supports u,u have a gay oops I mean happy life SIMTTY.

    • @sounds More! Every thing cool man am not gonna get upset over you callin me a sissy. I submitted an apology to “Gatta be” that was not posted. I have been call worse but you know there are some good people who are like that so you should’nt hate them. I believe one of our better politician is like that i am sure you can appreciate his efforts. I think the U.N. business with this is to prevent people from being victimize for their sexual orientation. It has nothing to do with marriage. In Nigeria homophobia is so bad that you can actually kill a sissy and get away with it over there. And they have passed laws to approved this. If your brother is gay i dont think you would want anyone trying to harm him because of this. I myself dont have any close relative that i know who are Gay, but I have had several friends and coworkers over the years who i believe are gay and there business was never an issue and I respected them as they did me.

  2. My fellow (colored) Bahamians, please let us not forget that there was a time (not so long ago) when being a person of color was considered not only “inhumane” but you were also considered worthless and should have “no status” in society. Not so long ago you were deemed an animal and judged solely on the color of your skin! Someone’s opinion of who you were mattered more than what you were really were… Imagine that. Today we do the same thing to Gay people. We move up the food chain and now we want to treat others as we would never want to be treated again.

    Gay persons are just that – persons – but they have a different sexual preference. Does that make them less qualified at being human?

    For the religious zealots — remember the Bible is “interpreted” by man. We can all agree that GOD made us ALL in “their” image. Interpret this please!

    There is only one real judge and it definitely is not the PM and certainly not the Bahamian public on this topic. It is very clear that GOD says we should “… love one another as I have loved thee..”

    I believe the karma that wraps the Bahamas has a f’dup vibe to it because of all the jealousy, envy and greed that smothers this place. I just thank GOD so much for blessing me and helping me to keep my head above the smudgy waters that is drowning the life out of this country.
    Will the real Bahamians please stand up and all the fake no value, self-serving, undermining imposters get the heck outta here?

  3. @Gatta Be, Please excuse me for my outburst, and iwould like to apologise to you and everyone else who read the same. And apologies to you BP. I got up this morning feeling quit small for responding the way I did. I believe we can keep the discussion civil and respectful.

  4. It is not so much a red banner day as a rainbow flag moment. Gays the world over should not be discriminated against, so says the United Nations in an historic moment, adopting a resolution supporting equal rights for gays. Did you hear that “Faggot” slurring sports stars and, yes, I am talking to you Tracey Morgan for whom this must be a bit of a ‘stab in the heart’. But it is not just the law of the land; it is the understanding of the world. So if the United Nations can understand and facilitate such understanding…what is still wrong with this united nation known as the United States? Just how can we stand by the UN resolution without fully understanding the hypocrisy that still permeates this United…or not so united…States. We still have discrimination in the armed forces. (Sure, sure, committee after committee has to still weigh in on the ridding of DADT. Until then where are we?) Gay Weddings? Good for some in some states…intolerable to others in most states. This is simple discrimination. Let us learn from the resolution and have some truth in advertising for once. If we want to call ourselves the United States…can’t we just be United? Really!?!

  5. Mr. Symonette made decision and didn’t even read the document. Are u kidding me? how many more decisions were mde in this manner on our behalf. This is wrong, it is clearly stated in the words of God “a man should not sleep with another man as he does with a woman”. So while we may tolerate we ought not to make it legal. Come on man, think about our nation, the kids coming up. What will we be handing over to them.? BTC was sold and there will be lots of people out of work in the coming weeks, W&S will be lYing off some folks, more people out of work. And when there is an available job, foreigners are given first choice. No jobs, no income, can’t pay these darn high BEC bills. Our people on the verge of poverty and this government talk in bout supporting/legalizing gay rights?. I have voted FNM all my life, this year I have been made ashamed of having cast that vote . Gay rights eh? Smt..

  6. Not one tweak from the Church on this ill advise decision by this out going administration.You mean the Seventh-Day Adventist who prides themselves on bible knowledge, the Jahoveh’s Witness,the Anglicans,the methodist,the Presbyterians, the Rastafarians, the Latter-Day Saints,the Bahi Faith,the Baptist Church all these so called Christians in the Bahamas was check mate by the Ingraham Administration and not one “WORD;” it’s no wonder Ingraham labeled you-all hypocrites: bunch a SODOMITES.

  7. Tune in to “Straight Talk” right now on Love 97FM (7:30 – 9:00 PM) where Dr Elwood Donaldson is taking issue with Saturday’s Nassau Guardian headline: “BAHAMIANS BACKS GAY RIGHTS”. Do we as a nation support this UN agenda item or has the FNM government acted without our authority?

    Participate by telephoning 326-8255

  8. When the PLP was in POWER the FNM MP’S and their supporters were saying that the PLP’S MP’s were a BUNCH OF SISSIES or GAY.PEOPLE, PLEASE look and see who are backing the gay rights at the UN.Didn’t I told you before that PAPA will do anything for A VOTE.IF the SISSIES OR GAY PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE,PAPA WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM.THIS TIME,IT SEEMS LIKE PAPA AND CREW ARE FUNNY NASTY MEN(FNM).

    • BP, we can tell this is you under the guise of being someone else. Way to go buddy. By the way, avid readers to your site can tell faked comments, that push your PLP agenda. If the PLP is as strong as many believe don’t fake it, let it happen naturally.

  9. Leon, which Hill Billy Bible are you reading? I’ve read the bible through and through, and I’ve read several translations, even those older than the king james (which came about in 1611 and contrary to popular belief, isn’t the end all and be all translation. it’s simply the full volume in English. William Tyndale beat the King James by almost thirty years. The only difference is, he translated several volumes), and from the BIBLE, homosexuality is considered an abomination of God’s purposes of the Male and Female having sex. Fornication is frowned upon, so is adultery. Homosexuality is unnatural craving after same flesh. It is called, UNNATURAL, ABOMINATION—but, Paul continued; “…that is what some of you were.” See, Homosexuality is wrong, and unnatural, but it’s not above forgiveness. We’re all sinners, but, few of us are wanton practicing sinners. Wanton, as if to say, “I have a right to be scum, and you will fully support my scummy behavior.” That’s what some homosexuals do; they want people to accept their filth. Fornicators, and harlots don’t demand the world accept their filth. Neither do Adulterers, but, some homosexuals do. See, Satan loves and encourages this attack on how God created us; Man and Woman in intimacy, only. That is why Jesus Adequately said: “MY KINGDOM IS NO PART OF THIS WORLD”, and Jesus also said “THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL (in the power of the wicked one).” This is Satan’s world, and at Armageddon, God will kill all those willful practices of sin; homosexuals and fornicators alike. Sin is sin, and you will sin, whether you fall into homosexuality or fornication, but, wanton sin is those who boast in their sin. That is why Jesus said, “HE WITHOUT SIN,CAST THE FIRST STONE.” Christ didn’t mean regular sinners since, the keys to the kingdom left for the first century Christians (the keys are the truth to share with all who accepted Jesus, and disowned their sin) are made up of sinners, but, they’re not wanton sinners, and pray to God daily to help them defeat their sin, whether it be fornication or homosexuality. The statement quoted earlier was for wanton sinners since, Christ meant, wanton willful unrepentant sinners without sin cast the first stone. BEING A GAY, doesn’t make you doomed you know, being an unrepentant gay who doesn’t want to abandon his wicked ways dooms you; as being an unrepentant fornicator will doom the fornicator, or adulator, or idolator, or murderer, or back bitter, or thief, or gossiper, etc etc

  10. two wrong don’t make a right. not b/c i might keep sweetheart it’s ok for gay to be sissying around da place when and where will this stop i think at some point ing-rum will be brought to his knees for disrespecting god’s wish. they say god made gays well god made killers’ and teef’ too will they have rights? this is why when ya play with puppy they will lick ya mouth this is sick ing-rum so deep in this obeah and voodoo he can’t even see the wrong he doing all i will say when ya powerful be mercy full..

  11. My only comment is this; we often scream to the top of our lungs..”The Bahamas is a Christian Nation” and yet WHO SAID SO??? For allt the uneducated, the Constitution of THIS COUNTRY does not; the PREAMBLE of the Constitution states that we are founded on SPIRITUAL BELIEFS! Have you ever wondered WHY- because it is realized that NOT ONLY CHRISTIANS RESIDE IN THIS DANG COUNTRY!

    How can any of you, whom i’m only guessing are ”christians”, feel as though you have more rights than those of differing persuasions? What makes you MORE priviledged than a Buddhist, Rasta, Muslim? WHO THE HELL MADE YOU SO SELF RIGHTEOUS?

    Little do people see, all of this anger and hatred toward homosexuals are but the fuels to the CRIME happening in this country now! So, for all of you “Christians”- start loving your neighbor as you would love yourself and want others to love you! That my friend IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE GOLDEN RULE! Get over your homophobic ways, because if you are really honest with yourself- YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR FAMILY TOO and you won’t even know.

    I am so sick of hypocrites in this country; I DO NOT agree one bit with that lifestyle but I certainly wont EVER have the gates of Heaven shut on me because I chose to hate my brother/cousin/friend/teacher/STRANGER instead of doing my Christian duty- LOVE THEM!

    • noones hates them or bashing them…. as a country you you ought to set standards as a nation. In some countries if you steal,theyd cut off ur hands… why must me we lower our standards and a tolerate garbage because of this “love” didnt God destroy Sodom and Gomorrha why because its a standard he set for his people.. as n not to follow.
      it is spiritual wickedness…. u dont see the prostitues prostesting for sales right or fornicators protesting for rights.. so do they deserve rights if they sinning like everyone else? A NATION THAT FORGETS GOD WILL PERISH….REMMEBER THAT

  12. I personally don’t need to hear about how two consenting adults have sex in the privacy of their homes, however I recent any attempts to have this behavior flaunt for public debat of view!! Put aside religious or spiritual views, the undisputed fact is that homosexuality defies the laws of the way God has designed the body to functure!!! The body was designed with an organ that excrets the waste of toxins/posions that is harmful/deadly to the body, this organ is being used by some for sexual enjoyment!Albeit God gives us the free will as adults to do with our bodies as we wish, it does not mean everything done as “free will” equal actions approved by God especially if it’s an action done against his design!!!

  13. The Bible does not discriminate against persons of preferred sexual prefence. It simply said that in the beginning God made man and woman. Our constitution mentioned male and Female.
    What in the devel is going on in this world. Where did these others come from. There is only male and Female. Search between our legs and it will tell you exactly who you are and it is expected that you act according to what God give you.
    There is no discrimination in this country when it comes to male and female.Be yourselves.
    There will be no new agenda in the Bahamas, The Gov’t can agree to whatever it likes, there will be no changes against Gods law.

  14. Will by dam!!! I remember Ingraham the other day in the honorable House shouting across the floor,”There’s a bunch of sissies over there;” When certain member jumped to his feet and said “point fingers” Ingraham pretended to having the flu and was going home to have gin and tonic. This HYPOCRITE of the highest order now BACKS sodomy; no wonder he could’nt point fingers

  15. the lord is going to destroy this nation very soon and all of you politicans who go to parliment to pass bills like this there will be no mountian to
    hide under.

    • Wait…so because the government backs a resolution by a UN committee advocating basic human rights, protection under the law (and dignity) to a known marginalized constituency, we ‘gern to hell in a hand-basket? ‘Yinna better stop the foolishness hear!
      Entire countries (Canada, Belgium, Brazil, etc.) and several states in the USA have legalized gay marriage; many more have enacted laws even more aggressive than this resolution to protect the rights of their GLBT citizens, and even more afford that group ‘special protections’ under the law. By your ascertain all of those countries, states, cities and jurisdictions should have been ‘destroyed’ cause they ‘pass bills like this.’
      We are so myopic at times, thinking that God only legislates for The Bahamas and Christians. We, (The Bahamas)rank 173 or 0.005% of the world’s population. All that we know about evil, sin and murder was taught to us by others in our quest to be like our neighbours. You think that God would single us out for punishment and destruction before the other 172 nations in line ahead of us?
      By your analogy, all of North America (Canada, USA and Mexico), South America, Europe, Aisia, Africa and the rest should be a gaping black hole by now, leaving the last 52 countries standing – with The Bahamas next in line to be destroyed….really?
      Talk more fool!

  16. No need to intellectualize this foolishness. Homosexuality is wrong and I’m not supporting any faggot or faggot backers!!!

    Brent Symonette actually admitted that he didn’t read the proposal but agreed with it!!! How irresponsible!!!!

  17. Did the Christian Counsel give their consent on this? They might as well go right ahead and legalize gambling whilst they are at it. Everybody else seems to have rights, I don’t see why the Gamblers should be any different. If you ask me, you have the babies, the Christian, the Non-Christian, the straight people, the gay people, black people, white people, you name it, everybody gambling. You have more people gambling in this country, than you have gays and lesbians and they wouldn’t legalize gambling for nothing. Flowers them don’t have no problem with paying their taxes, but still the government wouldn’t legalize gambling. It isn’t hard to see people like Hubert Ingraham, Brent Symonette and other members of this governing party lack morals, but yet when it comes to gambling they need to consult with the churches, I don’t know why, but something isn’t adding up when it comes to this government. We were once a Christian nation and a set of people who believed in working hard and trusting God as our provider, this government with their corrupt practices and greedy desires is trying everything to destroy our relationship with God. No wonder why we are suffering and the country is in the predicament it’s in, we have elected men with no integrity for doing what is right leading us.

    • The christian coucil should be abolished, they do nohting but spread ignorance and we have enough ignorance in this country…

      It’s about time the Bahamas moves into the 21st century. Since we are primarily a black country we should all recognize oppression and stamp it out, no matter who it is aimed at.

      These ignorant rantings abotu homosexualoty remind me of the bs thrown around to justify oppression of blacks and jews.

      Enough is enough! Live and let live. sexuality is not a choice. I cannot get excited for a man, my body will only react to a woman. Sexuality is not a choice.

  18. far as ing-rum concern every vots counts. i think he knows he will not win if it left up to the bahamian people. so he has to do what it takes even if it should be the last thing in the bahamas to deal with. there go’s are christian nation no wonder these clubs pop up allover the place this why we has to choose very carefully who lead our country we now doing top speed to hell thanks to ing-rum.

    • thing is there are hate crime on anyone who have something these tugs want why they don’t focus on that? they could find time to back gay rights? what’s wrong with these fnm now they protecting these sissy’s.


    • Christian Country? You mean CORRUPT COUNTRY EH? Dat was thrown out of the window like the Mace years ago!


  20. I also like how you have the headline “Ingraham FNM Government Backs Gay Rights at UN” because they sure do not speak for the majoriity of us Bahamians.
    Ing looks so gay in that photo lol.

  21. I was before the court last year for discharging my firearm into the air once. i was given a warning and the judge told them to return my gun to me and from last year i was going there every week only to be turn around the sergeant the asp all keep turning me around now i have to go see green slade am sure he have better things to do but if the man he have in place refuse to do they job what els can i do? what about my rights?

    • Give us the name of the officer you turned the gun over to. This is a good story. Please email us more info at

      We are still wondering how did the gun which killed officer Ramos found two legs and walked out of the Police Exhibition Room.


  22. I am, like most Bahamians, against any form of discrimination. But in supporting this proposal, the Bahamas government has also INDIRECTLY lend its support to a lifestyle that the majority of Bahamians do not believe to be right.


    The government of the Bahamas, led by Mr Ingraham, very boldly choose to voice its approval for the homosexual agenda in the Bahamas by masking it the anti discrimination resolution!

    With this action, Mr Ingraham has set the stage for the legalization of gay marriage in the Bahamas and has told the world that the Bahamas is in agreement with this lifestyle.

    Why? Why would Mr Ingraham do this without bring such a divisive issue to the people? Why did he choose to put the Bahamas and other governments after his in this position on the world stage?

    I cant get over the fact that he lend the Bahamas’ voice to the approval of this resolution unforced and voluntarily, knowing how adamant the people are against the homosexual agenda and gay marriage!

    First Papa tried the inheritance bill in 2001 that was rejected by the people, then he tried the martial rape bill in 2009 which too, was rejected by the people. Now this time he boldly puts the Bahamas up in stuff and didn’t want the people’s opinion because he already knows it and doesn’t agree with it.

    Did he just fulfill a secret campaign promise to the gay Bahamian community?

    Mr Ingraham has just legitimize the homosexual agenda in the Bahamas with this decision. Where are those FNM pastors now? I hope they find their voice!

    The legalization of gay marriage in the Bahamas is now underway as there is a political party that has now openly, without duress, shown its hand.

    This is the beginning. This is how it starts!

    It’s a matter of trust aye!

    • We do believe however the entire decision is again an attempt to remove the public from the issues of the day CRIME AND UNEMPLOYMENT! The Ingraham government is failing and here is again a wonderful side argument. Another distraction like the marital rape.


  23. It’s about time a gov’t moved towards equality for ALL Bahamian citizens and did what was right without fear of being harshly critized by the conservate population in our country. It’s much better to include people in our society than to ostracize them and make them pariahs. Though I am a PLP, I must commend them on this historic vote. Keep up the good work and you may actually get my vote next election.

  24. “One month ago, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay equated homophobia and transphobia to misogyny and racism. She also claimed that hate crimes against GLBT people were on the rise.”

    Hate crimes against Christians are on the rise. Now it will be illegal for a pastor anywhere to say homosexuality is wrong. And someone from the Bahamas supports this. Watch out all ministers your voices are being silence


      • These people who hating just aint sure of themselves, If you believe in god then you must understand that if god could make you deaf, dumb, no legs, no arms, blind, retarded,etc. then he could make you gay. So show those people respect. We have plenty sissies in the bahamas and yet we wanna act like sissyin new to us. But its is always those who protest loud who ya gatta watch. And by the way am not a sissy but i accept them for who they are.

        • You talkin ass Smitty,GOD ain’t make no sissies; sin made sissies but takes responsibility for freaks like you SMITTY.God showed them respect by burning to cities of them, and some more will burn when the evil world ends: you gotta be one them aye.

          • @gatta be, mannnn F*** U, U can call me whatever, but i know for a fact that people like u who are scared of sissies are the biggest sissies ever. Its sissies like you who are not outta the closet who go around messing with children. so carry your stink, homophobic, c*** suckin ass. I bet you done been ta jail and placed in the blanket roll.

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