PLP: FNM Ministers Earl Deveaux and Phenton Neymour fail miserably


Dr. Earl Deveaux, Minister for the Environment.

Press Statement By The Progressive Liberal Party

June 19th 2011

FNM Ministers Earl Deveaux and Phenton Neymour fail miserably to deliver on strong  commitment to the People of Abaco of no BEC blackouts.

Despite very strong assurances given to the people of Abaco by Minister Earl Deveaux and Jr. Minister Phenton Neymour that the required action was taken to insure that the major blackouts of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 would not occur in 2011; this to the shock and embarrassment of Abacoians has proven to be painful and miserably untrue as major blackouts continue in Abaco during 90 degree plus temperature.

A young resident of Abaco wrote on Face Book last evening. “As Hope Town and most of Abaco is full to capacity with tourist, with BEC spending $100 million. Hope Town Tourist sit tonight without electricity. Who do we hold responsible??”

The installation of Transmission Power lines which should have been installed before the completion of the New Power Plant is currently underway and was not completed in May as promised by Ministers Deveaux and Neymour. Latest information is that same will not be completed before the end of July early August. Whilst qualified Bahamians linesmen are sitting unemployed dozens of Jamaican Nationals have been engaged to install transmission line in Abaco.

Phenton Neymour

Residents are complaining of appliances and other electrical items been damaged or destroyed by the many power surges etc. Abacoians demand to know, when will this madness end?  Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and MP for North Abaco  has remained silenced since his bombast promised to get to the bottom of why BEC Abaco run out of oil and whilst the people of Abaco suffers and the dog days of summer at our doors.

The very serious incompetent and massive mismanagement of the installation of the New Power Plant is Abaco is another classic example of how Hubert Ingraham and the FNM have been handling the affairs of governance in our Bahama Land.

The PLP believes that a Commission of Inquiry is needed to investigate and provide a report on why a contract to build four new Generators issued in 2006 and a new Power Plant in Abaco is after almost five years and with expenditure of over $100 million is not providing uninterrupted electricity to the people of Abaco and its Cays.


  1. I suggest you add Byron Woodside to this list as a miserable failure. What is he the minister of again? Partying, Chasing Women, Clubbing, and getting drunk till his body guard has to lift him out the clubs. This is the 2nd time monies have been stolen from local government, over $500,000 now. I say ARREST woodside for the failure he is

  2. Upon reading the article, I notice the suggestion that the fire was most likely due to the fact that an air conditioning unit had not been replaced, even tho it was inoperable for months. As soon as the weather got hot, the obvious happened.

    Total carelessness. Remember Mr. Ingraham said ‘heads will roll’ a year ago when things like this were happening. I have yet to hear about heads rolling. Just more hot air.

    • I agree with you there…but lets face it, none of the governments in the past 40 years have had the **lls to make heads roll! And until heads roll, no future governments can straighten out this country! Too much covering up and currying favor. The civil service runs this country and none of them can be fired…just reassigned so that we can continue to pay them (and give them raises!!!!) to be careless and slack!

  3. Everything for political gain! Yes, the power was off in Hope Town, but tell the whole story. It was because of a fire in a sub station – something Earl, Phenton, Papa, Brad, Perry, have no control over. Read more at (Fire at BEC sub station)

      • I did not suggest that the substation fire was “be on” (beyond) BEC’s control. I suggested it was beyond Government Ministers and M.P’s control. There is a difference. Now, the slackness and neglect that is allowed to happen in Government run corporations, etc without consequences is the fault of the government of the day! But I have yet to see the government in this country who knows how to “make heads roll” or are really serious about accountability! And BTW..the power was NOT off all over Abaco on Saturday! And I hope you ‘een bite your tongue when YOU asked ME if I ever heard of accountability!! BOL

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