IRENE – Photos of the Aftermath

Entrance to Lucianos of Chicago on East Bay Street blocked as several major trees in the yard of the restaurant are down.
A team of officers axe away a tree blocking access into the Carmichael Road West corridor in Southwestern New Providence. Trees are down in many parts of the country. Electricity is still out to the greater part of the islands. The hospital is limiting access to families and the Lynden Pindling International Airport remains close. Hurricane Irene now moves away from the Bahamas.
New and old trees all along newly constructed Saunders Beach are down.
A huge ficus tree at the Cable Beach roundabout opposite Starbucks in the area is down. There is no recorded loss of life following the storm.
Rough seas and high surf is displayed all along the coast of New Providence today, as the port remained close in Nassau.
The tent and frame at the world famous Straw Market is no more. A huge debris field has left that facility destroyed.