Is Bacon and Save the Bays above the law?


Since citizens cannot get Justice, we might as well give Bacon the Bahamas, hey?

Seabed work now again in Lyford Cay. SAVE THE BAYS MUTE!

Nassau, Bahamas – Just a few days ago, we understand some seabed activities were going on around the home of Louis Bacon in Lyford Cay. Sources tell us a “Stop Order” notice has been issued on the construction and, since the publishing of our article this week, even the Defence Force vessels have been monitoring the construction equipment outside Bacon’s residence.

Now this is interesting because one must ask themselves how is it Bacon’s Save the Bays group that has been active in the Clifton Bay area, trumpeting their displeasure about developments in the area, are all mute about this construction around the Seabed? Could it be because it looks like a project from their paymaster Louis Bacon?

Sometimes you must ask these questions because you have to wonder if Louis Bacon is above the law. Is he?

When his neighbour held him in criminal proceedings over the closure of an easement, a Nolle was issued in the matter for Bacon by the then Attorney General John Delaney. What was that about?

When Dan Tuckfield died mysteriously at the home of Bacon, the investigation was quickly wrapped up and his body immediately reduced to ashes and shipped out of the Bahamas without a proper investigation being conducted. How did that happened?

When Bacon decided to call members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force “Terrorists” without any real reason, nothing was done! Boy I tell ya!

When Bacon built a boat basin in the back of his home and cut deep into the rock without any license to do so at the time, nothing was done to him and there was no punishment for such lawless aggression on the environment. Years later the permit was backdated to cover the infractions.

And when weapons of all kind were found inside his compound, mysteriously the guns were ordered to be returned and then nothing was said. This is amazing!

Here is a man who commands a group called Save the Bays, who has since cleverly succeeded in causing a Cabinet Minister to be found guilty and the entire PARLIAMENT of the Bahamas to be gagged without any repercussion for his groups behaviour. This is incredible!

That same group under directions out of Lyford Cay has been able to investigate a ‘Murder for Hire’ LIE and once again the case is stalling and stalling and stalling! Can’t be heard! Languishing on the shelf of the courts while the victims of that most nasty and vicious attack cannot see the light of day with justice in this country – WHAT A TIME!

And who issues a Penal Threat [AN ORDER TO HAVE COMMITTED TO JAIL] against the Prime Minister of a country? And then another order against the Deputy Prime Minister, and another against the Minister of Transport – all in an attempt to have their way in some decision to which the Constitution of the Bahamas has granted the elected leaders the right to decide on behalf of the Bahamian people. Yes those same people of Save the Bays have done this!

But Louis Bacon and his Save the Bays must be above the laws of the Bahamas and, well, if they can do all this – they might as well take over an entire political party and run the Bahamas, hey?

Here are some questions for Judges, Politicians and citizens to ask:

1) Is Save the Bays a registered entity in the Bahamas?

2) If yes when and where was the entity registered?

3) If Not, Where is the Save the Bays entity registered in the world? Is it registered in New York?

Boy, we gatta fools to let them get away with all this and say nothing!


We report yinner decide!