Suspect in police custody tonight in that South Bimini homicide. Suspect is brother of victim!


Brother shot his brother and then watch him gasp for air….

Seyon – the 21 year old shot dead by his brother in Bimini.

BIMIN – Breaking News coming into Bahamas PRESS from the community of South Bimini confirm detectives have caught up with that wicked brother who shot his own own sibling today in their South Bimini apartment.

The victim, who goes by the first name Seyon, 21, was left gasping for air after his own blood shot him to the head while he ate noodles. That suspect is believed ro have videoed the last moments of the brother which went viral online.

We can confirm detectives uncovered not one but two pistols one believed to be the weapon used in the incident.

What a teen doing with illegal guns is another question. The victim was recently released from prison.

Ah well this homicide is solved!