Is justice serving its purpose in the Bahamas?


The innocent die and the guilty walk free – Where is Michelle Woodside – the girl who killed the nun – these days?

Nassau, Bahamas — Well, at least one woman who murdered a Catholic Nun was made free back in 2011 after a landmark ruling of the Privy Council.

Does anyone remember the murder of Sister Clare Haas back in 1991?

A young woman by the name of Michelle Woodside was convicted of that murder. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment and placed on three years probation.

Some Bahamians forgot that cold-blooded murder which surrounded the theft of church money.

When Sister Haas was killed we knew it was a turning point in the country. Here was a devout, prayerful, Christian woman, who committed her life as a nun and came face to face with evil.

There was a robbery at Our Lady’s Catholic Church on Deveaux and Young Street early that morning. Sister Haas was the secretary at the church when the incident unfolded.

Woodside, after being caught as an accomplice in the crime, picked up a concrete block and struck the churchwoman in the head, crushing her skull. To finish off her victim she then slashed the throat of the nun with a knife – making sure she was dead – in an attempt to conceal the theft of $6,000.

Today with legal gymnastics convicted killer Woodside is a free woman.

A life lost and the country moves on to the next victim. This is the tragedy we face as a nation and it is no wonder why the mass shootings and murders persist as like in medieval times.

Bahamians are resigned to the weight of its justice systems – real justice is not being felt. Some Bahamians have come to the conclusion also that to know of a crime and carry that information to the law would only perhaps expose them to threats by organized crime gangs now festering in the country at an alarming rate.

Criminals have no remorse for their crimes and victims appear powerless.

All we know is this: if someone doesn’t get a handle on our society quickly and make punishment in the Bahamas swift, certain and sure – it will get worse before it gets better.

This means war!

War on suspects who damage, maim and kill their victims!

Criminals must not expect just the police to turn on them, but so also will society. No one should expect innocent citizens of this country to watch their town descend into chaos by a few ‘vicked’ daemons.

No one should expect to get off after committing a heinous act in this town! In other words you cannot expect to fire upon me and not expect to get fired upon! Life does not work like that.

If you live by the sword – you shall die by it!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Michelle woodside is the owner of Recovery Restart LLC in Boynton Beach, FL. She is a 56 yr old woman dating a 25 year old man named Alex Lind. They reside in Delray Beach, FL. She drives a black 2013 Mercedes Benz. Oh, and of course, no where on Recovery Restart’s legal documents or website will you see her name, for obvious reasons. Lol. What a shame tho, poor Sister Haas. Now crackhead Michelle Woodside is scamming other addicts and trying to SAVE them, aka- rape their insurance companies and poor families to pay for awful, sub-par care in the recovery /health care industry. Shame shame shame

    • hi james, can you please let me know how you discovered it was michelle ? she stole from my family and fled the rehab and im attempting to get reimbursement
      would appreciate your help/any info please

      • Because I was there in person! Learned her name and info then found out about this horrible crime. It is sickening…your absolutely right!! She is not an official owner on paper but she is at the office couple days a week, can see her Black Mercedes Benz in parking lot, see her pic on Website, of be transferred to her and conned into going to her rehab after talking to her and being lied to. She resides in DELRAY BEACH FL.

        HOW MUCH DID SHE STEAL? HOW LONG AGO WAS THIS? WHAT WERE THE DETAILS? very interested. She got someone I know to pay cash for rehab and then kicked the Kid out after 3 days….awful!!!! $20k down the drain.
        I also confirmed her mugshot photos online vs in person. She opened a new rehab in North Carolina also abut a year ago. I will see if I can get u more information

        • thank you james for your quick reply. i have spoken to many dept to take action and noone wants to get involved. i cant even find an attorney to help. concerns me how powerful this person is if she can have 55 arrests etc yet i post on yelp and she threatens me to take it off or else….so any info would be helpful…..are you comfortable with my forwarding your email to the fraud network etc in fla ??

          • What did she steal? How long ago? I’ll contact you personally. I have an attorney who would help. Please give me details. Also you should leave your post on yelp. No don’t forward anything of mine please…not yet.

          • posted on her other rehab in n.c. called lifeline treatment success stories of individuals including actor ben afflecks success with the program and when i called her on it a couple days ago she deleted it, not before i kept copy i helped a relative and took loan for 12k
            her assistant said min of 90 days…michelle said open ended admission promised holistic approach vs drugging him…and experienced therapist/psych with ptsd,,
            she had a useless social worker that degraded my relative
            they put him on drugs, one that 5 lawyers are suing manufacturer because of serious life threatening (suicide) effects…when i challenged it repeatedly they told my relative i was refusing to pay, coerced him into signing hipa so no communication with me didnt do therapies posted on site…relative went off drug because he didnt feel right, she pulled the against med advice card….kicked him out after 50 days, kept his license wouldn’t let him back to get it and wont refund me..put him in u safe sober home im paying for the therapies outside of all this in addition to a loan… i rated it poor on yelp and facebook, she threatened me.,,,left rec restart…no communication with my relative as he had no phone or food at sober house and she had the treasurer John dickey take over as director and sent me…nothing i can do emails,
            read about a john dickey being arrested for robbery back in 1970’s….not sure if its him im sick over her abusing ppl that cant help themselves and their families to top it off, a friend of my relative was kicked out too. , he drank, became homeless into unsafe sober home outside of boyn beach and overdosed
            so any info to share…i am generically referring to “more than one” person outside myself she stole from,,,,will honor and not say your name etc
            but appreciate so much your info,,
            trying to get lawyer to at the least get some monies back as im double dipping to help this guy.
            who has michelle paid off to be able to con everyone while,the legal system shuts their eyes or turns a blind eye ?

            peace, love and a prayer

            ? Lynn Munroe ?

          • hi james
            do you have personal email to communicate ??
            peace, love and a prayer

            ? Lynn Munroe ?

          • any more info by chance ? is your friend that got. kicked out willing to post on facebook or somewhere ? the more of us will hopefully result in her paying us back and her going to where she shoukd have gone initially !!!

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