It’s Time to Pull the Plug on BTC


The Editor
Bahamas Press
11 September 2023.

Dear Sir.

There comes a time in most persons lives when you are forced to decide. It can be a personal matter, or it can be one which involves a service provider in this case BTC, if only to preserve your mental health. You come to accept that no amount of complaining; no fervent entreaties; no subtle threats; no appeals to URCA; and no promises by them to “escalate” your matter will do any good. You know that the endless promises to send a technician to resolve your problem will never materialize and indeed, you wonder if technicians exist at all . But you do know that their billing systems are alive and functioning and not a figment of your imagination.

During your frequent attacks of angst, you wonder how a service which is supposed to provide entertainment, education a workplace from the office and relaxation now reminds you of an unwanted guest who overstays their welcome. How, in a few short years could an historically efficient, reliable, and responsive service provider be transformed into a clown show? Why, is the government and URCA allowing Bahamian consumers to go through the seven rings of hell on a daily basis to receive services paid for?

Intuitively, you know that the answers to these questions are out there somewhere but, do you really want to know them?

Do we have to summon some senior persons formerly employed by BTC to the Bahamas to get them? Only time will tell, and time is not on the side of BTC as many who have messed with Bahamians soon find out.

Michael J. Brown