Jealously CANNNN DONE in the Ministry of Sports between the Minister and the WORLD TRACK QUEEN!


Michael Pintard meets world track Queen Shanuae Miller. Pintard stepped up after the current Minister avoided the new TRACK QUEEN!

Nassau – Well the Minister of YOUTH SPORTS and Culture told the Queen of the Track Shaunae Miller-Uibo: I ain’t gat no time for you!

Miller-UBIO was therefore greeted on the weekend in a Red Carpet Event by former Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Michael Pintard AKA CRAZYBOY-O. The former Minister was kind and was considerate for the great rise of a new WORLD INDOOR SPORTS QUEEN!

Sources tell us there can only be ONE QUEEN AT A TIME! Now facing criticisms Minister Lanish Rolle says she will meet with Miller-UBIO this Monday.