Job Fairs by Ministry prove only to be another sexual exploitation plot!


Hundreds EXPLOITED with Labour Job Fairs!

Hundreds of job seekers are pictured patiently waiting to be processed at the Department of Labour’s Eighth ‘Labour on the Blocks’ Job Fair held on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the CV Bethel High School.

Nassau – More questions are being asked by young persons who signed up for the Government’s Job Fairs Programmes, who have yet to receive one call from organizers in the Department of Labour ‘Labour on the Blocks’ job fairs.

One such individual who signed up told Bahamas Press, “I am beginning to believe that this entire Job Fairs exercise was a hoax. Clearly the unemployment levels have risen, government is firing, businesses are closing and, according to the Department of Statistics numbers released this week, unemployment rose by 10.7%.”

The numbers confirm that the country is indeed headed in the wrong direction with no growth, high unemployment and joblessness all created by the Minnis Government’s policies of stop, review, cancel and fire!

BP always believed that the JOB FAIRS programme was nothing more than a collection of contacts to exploit young persons. Some have told us that after signing up on the programme they were lured to a location and lured into sexual requests by organizers. The job never materialized and nothing happened.

So, anytime yinner hear the Ministry is having a JOB FAIR, just note someone is attempting to exploit ya!

We report yinner decide!