Teachers are in lockdown meetings with Union today at C. V. Bethel while Jeff Lloyd is out of town and no one has been identified as Acting-Education Minister!


Nassau – Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms a Teachers Union meeting has went on all day at the C.V. Bethel High School. The meeting began at 11:10am and was still ongoing up to 1pm when lunch began. NO teaching is going on at the school is a demand until Ministry officials step in.

The Union Meeting is a result of the ganging of a Biology teacher by two students on Monday morning forcing that educator to seek medical attention at hospital.

We can tell you the incident unfolded from a disciplinary action, which occurred on Friday past, according to our source, that later escalated into an all out attack on the teacher the following Monday.

The Minister for Education Jeffery Lloyd is out of town at a government meeting and therefore had little to go by on the matter. NO ONE IN THE PRESS asked the Press Secretary who was acting in the post! What a Country! What chaos!

The attack was never reported by police, nor do we believe it was ever reported to police by the Administration. And therefore the Teacher’s Union has stepped in. Oh Boy!

In many parts of the world when a student attacks an educator, it would automatically open a police investigation. Why this case is different remains a mystery!

We report yinner decide!