John Delaney has taken the lining of the pockets of FNM special interests to a new level

Attorney General John Delaney. (Photo/Torrell Glinton)

Press Statement
Progressive Liberal Party
February 1st 2011

Bahamians will have heard on the news that Philip Dunkley QC is representing the Government in the case being brought against the Government by the BCPOU and the Management Union in relation to the BTC sale.

Philip Dunkley, appointed by John Delaney to be the lawyer for the Government in the action brought by the BTC Unions, is now the Managing Partner of Higgs and Johnson, having replaced John Delaney, who is now the Attorney General.

The Government, at record debt levels, will pay Higgs and Johnson exorbitant legal fees. There are over 1,000 practicing lawyers at the Bahamas Bar. Hundreds of Bahamian lawyers are competent to represent the Government should the Government choose not to utilize the services of the many competent lawyers at the Office of the Attorney General. The lawyers at the Attorney General’s Office are ready willing and very able to serve. And, should their services be utilized, already overburdened Bahamians would not have to pay exorbitant legal fees as they are already on staff, as the people’s lawyers. John Delaney is again disrespecting the legal team at the Attorney General’s Office.

John Delaney has taken the lining of the pockets of FNM special interests to a new level. In this matter John Delaney, the Government’s chief legal advisor, is negotiating the sale of BTC with Higgs and Johnson, Cable and Wireless’ lawyers. John Delaney is also instructing Higgs and Johnson to defend the government in the action by BTC’s unions against the government. Higgs and Johnson is representing the Government and Cable and Wireless, at the same time, in relation to the sale of the BTC shares. This is a clear conflict of interest.

The Prime Minister claims that Ministers should shun the very appearance of a conflict of interest. We in the PLP condemn this apparent conflict of interest. We condemn John Delaney for using public funds to line the pockets of his friends and former partners. And, we condemn the entire Cabinet for allowing Higgs and Johnson to represent the Government and Cable and Wireless in the sale of the BTC shares.



    DATE: 4TH FEBRUARY, 2011

    Wake up Bahamas!!!!!!

    This is The Attorney General, Head Attorney of The Bahamas:

    a) Who knows that The Judiciary of The Bahamas, according to former senior
    Supreme Court Justice, John Lyons, is ‘Unconstitutional, Not Independent
    and Not Impartial’,

    And should not be operating in the state it is in,

    Yet the Attorney General, himself, represents The Government of The
    Bahamas,in The Road reversal matter (as it relates to the Baillou Hill Road
    Businesses), before the courts.

    b) Who has other Attorneys represent The Government and investors, knowing
    that the Judiciary of The Bahamas is Unconstitutional, Not Independent and
    Not Impartial.

    And with the Attorney General, knowing that according to Justice Lyons’
    Ruling, decisions made in our Courts, since 2003, can be overturned:

    INDEED, ‘A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS’, according to Justice John Lyons.

    c) Who knows that Judges of our Courts, are not Independent and not Impartial,
    and cannot conduct a fair Hearing, according to Justice Lyons’ Ruling, yet
    he appears before these Judges, in matters, representing the Government of
    The Bahamas

    Please see The Bahamas, The Next Turks and Caicos, here at this site, and at Bahamas Issues.

    d) Who knows that Judges of our Courts, received a Bribe from the Executive,
    yet, has said nothing, in having This very serious matter dealt with, while
    still appearing, and allowing other attorneys to appear before Judges of
    our Courts.

    Please see Bribery of The Bahamian Judiciary at this site and

    The Bahamian Judiciary in chaos at Bahamas issues.

    My Bahamian people, what else should we expect from The Attorney General of The Bahamas?

    Sadly, anything goes in this Country!

    Because we allow it!

    ‘Our leaders are getting away with ‘murder’,

    They are doing whatever they wish, because we are asleep,

    we are allowing them to do whatever they wish!!!

    Wake up Bahamas, before it’s too late!!!!

    Please Wake Up!!!

    Mrs. Tanya Cash (A Very Concerned Citizen, House-Wife and Mother)

  2. BY GERALYN EDWARD | THU, JANUARY 27, 2011 – 12:10 AM
    Cable & Wireless Caribbean (C&W) has cut three of its very senior executives and Barbadian vice-president Donald Austin is among them.
    In a major shake-up that a C&W official described yesterday as a “realignment of the management team”, the multinational telecommunications company, which trades as LIME, let go of Austin, its executive vice-president with responsiblity for legal and regulatory matters.
    The comapany also severed Milton Brady, a Jamaican national who operated from Barbados as the company’s chief commercial officer, and Henry Reid, another Jamaican who was executive vice-president with responsibility for human resources. He operated from the Jamaica headquarters.
    All three reported directly to David Shaw, LIME’s chief executive officer who operates from Jamaica. When Shaw was appointed in 2009, the British citizen’s main responsibility was to “lead the strategy to transform the Caribbean business”.
    The DAILY NATION was informed that all three executives received “handsome” separation packages.
    Austin, a chartered accountant and engineer, led C&W Barbados during one of its most contentous periods when it had to sever more than 400 workers.
    He has been with C&W for more than two decades.
    Sources said Austin would still work with the company in an “advisory capacity on Goverment relations and governance issues”.
    Austin said in one of his public social network profiles that he “led teams in turnaround environments in four Caribbean islands [Turks and Caicos, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Barbados] for LIME”.
    He added: “My particular strength is leadership of high-performing teams, using my finance and engineering knowledge and leadership skill sets to ensure that the best result is achieved for the organisation and the team.
    “As a member of the senior leadership team, I have responsibility for strategy, revenue growth, profitability, investment strategy, customer experience levels, employee engagement and motivation, senior talent management, corporate governance, shareholder relations, Government relations, regulatory relations and risk management.”
    When contacted yesterday, Austin referred all comments to LIME.

    • Please be reminded that a senior member of the PLP cabinet was able to convince the government to hire a prominent Defense attorney (outside of the AGs office) to prosecute the trail of his murdered son. If BP is claiming that the AGs Office is so competent, we should not have had this request approved.

  3. Surprise! What did you expect? Yet, nothing will change. No one will take to the streets. There will be no protests. The haves will get more and those who have not will continue to get less and The Bahamas will still be a China-begging Banana Republic that bleeds brains and skill and is ruled by the corrupt and feeble-minded. And Bahamians continue to be fascinated with drama and scandal that has little bearing on the future of the nation whilst this truly nation-damaging matter goes barely noticed. Betcha.

  4. Was John an equity partner at Higgs? If he was then I believe that would mean that he still gets profit shares from the firm even though he is not there at the moment and this will be a clear conflict.

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