Sexual Predator Andre Birbal Sentenced to 35 years for Molesting Children!


Former teacher Andre Birbal convicted of charges of unnatural sexual intercourse with two underage males in the Supreme Court. (Photo/Torrell Glinton)

Andre Birbal was sentenced to 35 years by Justice Longley for his “DIABOLICAL” crimes against children. The Justice concluded the convict showed no remorse and used his positions in the Church and School to betray the TRUST of the institutions, the parents and the boy!

BP salutes JUSTICE LONGLEY for delivering JUSTICE to the EMR Community!


  1. Whether their bahamian or not, it’s childish and the people who are dropping to their level.Stick to the topic.I didn’t come here for that and BP is allowing this to continue by posting these messages.

    • I hear you Senator but must ask where you have been for the past ten yrs when former PM Christie has taken the high road as you are suggesting and been unfairly labelled too soft,indecisive and a poodle.Read up on the postings by newsman and even you would start to berate him.I have nothing against foreigners who are willing to adapt to our environment.Sometimes you have to get ghetto to get your points across.If a dog attacks you do not run but pickup a stick and beat the water out of him(pun).

  2. I personally think everyone on here need to grow up and stop acting like kids with these comments. No wonder this society is finished. Bahamians lost all repect for each other and I mean grown folks!!

    • Senator I dont know if you are aware of the many racist comments made by newsman and not just on this story.I doubt he and sexy caramel are Bahamians as they deride anything Bahamian.They are classic cases of why the sale of BTC should be deferred.Am no coward and will not hide by not challenging these two racist clowns.And yes I will spit in newsman,s face if I see him.

  3. MORE FACTS: As for the photos, a leopard does not change its stripes – there would be traces of them somewhere if they ever existed, any computer security specialist could tell you, not to mention that the ISP keeps logs of every web page a user visits. What about his facebook account, myspace, emails, ANYTHING?? Interpol would certainly have something on him. IF there is none of that all together then he is clearly assumed innocent, as then they lied about the photos and that makes everything else they said invalid. As we are not a communist nation or an islamic religious fanatical nation he deserves a fair trial which it seems he was not afforded, possibly his lawyer just sucked but thats whole different thing, the fact that one could be charged on such lame accusations without physical evidence is just saddening and sets us in the Bahamas back 50 years from a legal stand point.

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  5. Some perverts expect to continually molest members of the same sex then try and get away by using insulting language.My skin is thick so perverts like newsman will feel the wrath of my pen each time they step out of line.Thank God that many like me are able to afford a computer after being marginalised for so many yrs.Am enjoying this dialogue as it shows just how superior mentally I am compared to persons like newsman.Every contribution this inferior being has made on this site reveals his prejudice against blacks.

  6. Newwoman stop trying to compare this case with one that took place in America where the two witnesses were 6 and 8yrs old.You and your accomplice newsman should go to the Courts and get the transcript of the trial as only then would you understand.Birbal is guilty on the evidence presented to the Courts.The evidence is so overwhelming that the Judge issued a harsh sentence.

  7. Whatever Newsman, you don’t hear me getting worked up over no sentence that was passed down to a sexual predator. Too bad if he got 35 years, this should teach him in the future how to conduct himself when it comes to minors. I been to go school and I had plenty teachers who were very professional and did not allow themselves to placed in any compromising or questionable position with their students. He made the decision to be alone with them and have them mixed up in his home. Newsman, the courts don’t take allegations like these lightly, the fact they throw the book at him and he was given the maximum sentence, trust me they had to have evidence on him. Anyway, don’t worry about it, I have your number; anyone with common sense should be able to see just why you are upset. You are not even sympathetic toward those the two young men at all who had to relive their painful experience in court, but instead you seem more concerned about the sentence that was passed down to that monster. Those two young men had to sit down in court and give a graphic account of what that monster did to them. Those boys had to be cross examined and their story had to match up with what was said in the police report. You keep saying the court did not have any evidence, but those boys were the most important evidence the court had. They probably had to give a detailed description of his body parts and more than likely they could have described everything in detail. Where you at the trial? How can you say there was no evidence? The media is not going to tell you everything you know. You probably a sick bastard like Birbal and just trying to figure out how you can get away with your crime against the innocence should you get caught.

  8. Every complaint must be taken seriously and investigated by the police. They bring together whatever evidence they have and present it to Court. The court decides whether the evidence is sufficient.
    Care must ALWAYS be taken to ensure that the process is FAIR and HONEST and properly done. In our system we beleive that it is better for a guilty man to go FREE rather than an INNOCENT person to go to jail. We want to be as sure as possible. That protects all of us.
    Now, Mr Bribal has been convicted and sentenced. If he feels that he has been wronged he can appeal.

    • Each time you speak I get very pissed off as you want to continually insult the dignity and intelligence of the Bahamian people.We will soon expose you for what you are then dog eat your lunch.Since you are a freak any Bahamian woman who even speaks to you is nasty.Very vulnerable young men are being taken advantage of by freaks who are supposed to be teaching them and not *********.I promised to spit in your face and you can take that to the bank.You better return to your own country where you can make a living and leave these Islands since you do not appreciate that we provide a living for you.It ain’t long now before I get the opportunity to spit in your face you coward,misfit,sissy,who did not follow the evidence of the trial.Since you are not from this country you would not understand the psyche of Bahamian men who hate being examined by even a Doctor.I applaud the two young men who came forward to describe the despicable acts performed on them by a perverted individual such as yourself.Am going to pray now to ask the Lord to change the way I think of your perverted …

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  9. like i say we have lots of them walking around nassau and never server even a day in jail well known for their action too holy god what is going on here

  10. Newsman, I don’t think you know Andre Birbal at all, I believe you are just concerned about you getting caught. Well, I hope you see the courts are not playing when it comes to yall sexual predators. Andre should be an old man by time he gets out of jail and I hope his private is of no more use to him, so he won’t be able to bring harm or ruin anymore children lives. That is if they don’t let him out early on good behavior.

      • Him Running away is NOT the point!! Where is the tangible evidence, except the words of the two little boys.

        Hmmmm, so lets get this right

        Two boys in your neighborhood accuse you of molesting. They claim that you took photographs of them nude. Police, CIA, and every other law enforcement in the country, take all your possession for “evidence.” They are unable to produce ONE PHOTO, yet you claim the legal system is just? Justice for all? Oh please! Only in the bahamas…. only here, where the press has already crucified you.

        If thats the case, then god help this country.

        • Paradisefound you are a jack…Read the evidence and stop trying to confuse the issue.The offences took place over a period of time and the photos were pawned maybe to websites that exist for perverts like you,Birbal newsman and others who will be exposed in short order.Now get lost and stop trying to put a spin on this story.I exist for persons like yourself so dont get rude when you respond.

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        • Yo she bad for real!!!! I’m a Bahamian and i know this chic, she’s not a bahamian though but she has a racist mindset that’s all. But she really cool though but she’s mean towards Bahamians. But as for this story, that man deserved what they gave him if anything, he deserves more time than that!

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  11. 36 years and that’s it? He looks sweet in the picture anyways, and so he will look sweet to the inmates in the prison who are waiting for his nasty ass! These butt pirates deserve the worst punishment ever, whether one likes it or not! These booty bandits need to be put away for good!

  12. Yeah well, he shouldn’t have done what he did to those boys. They could lost his a** under the jail for all I care, my heart goes out to the young men who he took advantage of. This is something that might affect them the rest of their lives. I hope after what that sick bastard put them though that they would be able to live productive lives and become good citizens of this country.

  13. Its about time that we begin to take crime seriously in this country. Sexual predators are the most insidious monsters alive.There is no cure fro sexual predators; the must be kept away from our children. Its clear however that many of these child molesters operate in our schools. We should be careful who we hire and closely monitor them. The same goes for those other sexual predators who masquerade as Apostles, Bishops, politicians, police etc

    • what about the rest of them who walking around in Nassau as if everything is cool can count 5 who went to court and never serve time what about them judges lawyers we need answers

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