Junior staff in Customs directing senior management under the wutless management of Acting Customs Comptroller Geannine Moss and her Rainbow Coalition executive team…


When Criminals take charge of a country, disorder abounds!

Geannine Moss – Acting Comptroller of the Bahamas Customs

Nassau – Big time FNM supporter, Geannine Moss, the current Acting Comptroller of the Bahamas Customs Department, has done nothing but reduce the morale of officers.

BP can report a serious crisis is unfolding within the Customs Department as nasty undermining, rank victimization, and a naked abuse of power is being committed at the headquarters.

Despite the fact that for months upon months the air-conditioning was down, the cohesion of the management, mixed with corruption in the new circle now controlled by Moss and her RAINBOW COALITION, is moving the Department in the wrong direction.

Back on September 17th, the government sent home all of the Deputy Comptrollers to make room for Moss to form her crooked team.  With no senior officers at the top, she – rather than relying on all nine of the next-in-line executive top brass, who are all Superintendents of Customs, she has moved up the chain two junior officers, one of whom is at the centre of that Scandalous Fyre Festival that flopped in Exuma.

We can tell you, out of the seven Superintendents that would have made up the new executive team, two have been booted out of their offices in the executive suite and placed in cubicles downstairs with line staff.

And while this disgrace and abuse is happening to long serving, dedicated public officers of record, the CORRUPT have floated to the top inside the executive suite offices – above their superiors – with assigned vehicles. John Allen Cunningham, one of the said juniors, is now in Geannine Moss’ Rainbow Coalition management crew with an assigned vehicle while his superior is thrown on the ground floor. What in da hell is this?

The Rainbow Coalition inside Customs executive suite is now just four person while persons with far more talents and qualities are reassigned outside the management – and the Department is suffering a serious blow to morale.

BP don’t know what yinner ga do, but all we ga say is this – When thieves and rouges fall out….

We report yinner decide!