Grand Cay Primary left with one teacher to battle with almost 70 students…

While Minister Jeff Lloyd SLEEPS!

Grand Cay | A BP breaking report is coming into our newsroom out of Grand Cay, Abaco where, we understand, teachers from the primary school have not showed up for work.

Some 65 to 70 students were left running around like chickens without their heads today as three of the four teachers, including the Principal, abandoned the school grounds via ferry boat to attend a seminar on Grand Bahama.

The Acting Principal, Ms Wells, suggested that the trip was necessary as they were all on school business. 

But, get this, the District Superintendent, who is stationed on Grand Bahama, was unaware that the primary section of the school is without the full staff compliment. 

But if you listened to MOST HONOURABLE EVER – his government has a deep commitment to making sure no child is left behind. Tell that to the churrin of Grand Cay Primary today.

We report yinner decide!