Nurses can’t get gloves, overtime and are not showing up to work – HEALTHCARE IS IN CRISIS!!!

Only team Barbara Hanna is the only one winning inside PMH.

Nassau – While Prime Minister MOST HONOURABLE EVER was taking photos with medical students outside his office in Cable Beach today in an attempt to distract Bahamians from the reality on the ground, we at BP can report that healthcare in the Bahamas is in crisis.

And even though it is under the direction of two doctors, we have more bad news to report on the state of healthcare in the country!

Medical teams confirmed to BP that if something is not done quickly the hospital will soon become a bedlam of trauma, a ground zero of ailing victims without serious and focused attention being devoted to their care.

Right now today we can tell you nurses are not working overtime as Government has refused to pay them what is due and, if you think that is bad, wait til you hear how they are resigning.

The numbers are staggering! Today patienta are all on the corridor and on the floor at PMH as serious staff shortages are being experienced. HEALTHCARE IN THE BAHAMAS IS IN CRISIS!

Right now something as simple as gloves to deal with the incidents in Accident and Emergency are in short supply. “Buy ya own!” a nurse told us is the word said to them. Scores of staff are not coming in to work and those who have called in are not showing up because there are no guarantees that they will be paid for their time off. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!

Many know nurses agreed to a Strike Vote as a Christmas Gift to the Minnis Government and so far none of their issues have been resolved with the PHA! HEALTHCARE IN THE BAHAMAS IS IN CRISIS!

All we say is this – It is going from bad to worst!

We report yinner decide!