Junkanoo Legends Acknowledged


The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and The National Junkanoo Committee held the National Junkanoo Legends Circle, Official Induction Ceremony on Thursday, December 16, 2010 in the Ballroom at Government House.

Seated from left: Director of Culture, Dr. Linda Moxey-Brown; Chairman NJC, Phil Cooper; Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Charles Maynard; Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes; Lady Foulkes and Chairman JCNP, Silbert Ferguson. Standing from left: Cleveland McPhee, Jervis Gibson, Jackson Burnside, Leslie Johnson, Quinton Woodside, Anthony Mather receiving on behalf of his father Franklyn “Maggon” Mather.


  1. It is so sad that many still view and act like the Bahamas is Nassau & Freeport, This is so sad because The Bahamas have 700 Islands Rocks and Cays but we have those who should be promoting Bahamians only look to those living in Nassau, Governor’s Harbour then Harbour Island, then Nassau was the order where the seat for Government was active, but now it is just Nassau, what a shame, just look at ALL the insignias given under this Government, for a person who claim to know about the struggle of Family Islanders, his action is far from reality, “the famous quote, “I say what I mean & I mean what I say” just don’t hold water, then it is a matter of TRUST for the WORST>

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