Just my take on the upcoming elections…


Christie, Branville and Minnis????

By Monte Pratt

All the talk is about the PLP, FNM and DNA political parties, however, the REAL EQUATION here, is the ‘non-allied voter’ or the ‘independent thinkers’. These are mostly ‘Nationalist’ persons that put country before party politics.

Just like the independent voters in the US elections, these ‘non-allied’ are careful observing the lesser of ‘two evils’, i.e.; the top parties PLP and FNM, both of whom has a track record. It is this group of voters that will decide the country’s fate in the next general election.

So then in analyzing the current political environment in the country, let’s take a look at the probability of the outcome that would favour which political party will likely become the next government.

Firstly, the DNA while they have hung on over the last 5 years, they appear to be repeating the same mistake. They choose NOT to select any ‘older and politically experienced’ candidates. The Bahamas Government is a $2 billion (annually) entity or a 5-year / $10 billion operation. Most ‘independent thinkers’ like myself is NOT prepared to put the country in the hands of such a young and inexperienced group of novice persons.

Secondly, it is obvious that the now splintered FNM party is hurting itself by not being able to settle their differences and come together. As former PM HAI pronounced that if the FNM don’t come together, they will cause the PLP to be reelected. However, ‘political egos’ seem to be the biggest roadblock to any unity of the party.

Many believe that HAI views – on Opposition Unity – are the very same sentiments that many ‘independent thinking’ voters like myself believe. However, beyond any ‘Opposition Unity’ should it happen, due to the continual CONFUSION in ‘Opposition’ over the last 2 years.

Based on this fact, many ‘non-allied’ voters are wondering, should the opposition FNM / DNA come together in a ‘Coalition’ for the purpose of being ‘Elected’… Once elected, will the ‘Coalition’ not bring the same ‘CONFUSION in an attempt to form the next government? This is the ‘million dollar question’ that haunts any FNM / DNA Coalition.

Finally, there is the ‘party in power’, the PLP that has not quite measured up to many of its last ‘election promises’. The most pressing being to create new employment (the unemployment rate has virtually not been reduced), and to also bring down ‘crime and criminality’, the greater of many promises.

With respect to the current governing situation, the fact is most non-allied voters or the independent thinkers, indeed can clearly judge the PLP government performance and/or non-performance, be they good or bad.

Each party having its fixed base of voting supporters, the facts are now before ‘non-allied voters’, who be the diffrence, and may well determine the fate of the current PLP government, the opposition FNM and/or the novice DNA party.

Considering ALL of the above ‘factors’, the non-allied voter or the independent thinkers will be the ‘key in the equation’ of which political party will form the next government. Just my opinion!!