Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – FNMs Stop Court for Convention



November 3rd, 2009

It has come to my attention that the Juvenile Court in Eight Mile Rock was unable to sit this morning.  Allegations are that members of the newly appointed Panel were not available to the court due to meetings and preparations for a major political meeting to be held in New Providence this week. It is reported to me that this excuse was actually given in the court as to why the panel could not meet.

This is a source of serious concern for me as the Opposition Spokesperson on Social Services, as justice for children must be done and must be seen to be done in an expeditious manner.  It is also most unusual that politics would seem to interfere with the ability to dispense justice.  Something seems to have gone wrong if the appointments to the panel appear to be too political.

The Attorney General and the Minister of Labour & Social Development need to investigate these allegations immediately and provide public answers to the issues raised.

If the allegations are true, this one-sided approach to appointments to public boards and committees is totally unacceptable in the modern Bahamas and this incident would demonstrate that it is indeed counter-productive.


  1. @Rashad Amahad
    Please tell us why and bring proof so that a better understanding can be had.If you are the spokesperson for the FNM Govt. then give a press statement.The wuthless Tribune and Guardian have not published the statement and the bahama Journal placed it on page 4.What are we the printing press afraid of?I guess after hearing what they intend to do to Ivoine Ingraham there is a scurry for safety.PLPs do not be discouraged as it aint long now and when we become the Govt. Commission of Enquiries must be setup to show just how wuthless this crew are.

  2. That is the problem with this country. Mugabe talks loudly and scares off the opposition. Mugabe has many ghosts in that closet of his. PLPS must not be afraid of this monster. We must retire him for the good of the country and for decency.

  3. The wuthless Govt tribalization of every facet of Bahamian life with politics is again showing how detrimental this dictatorial aspect of their governance will be.Would be Chairman Ivoine Ingraham who I have criticised on this blog is finding out the hard way that I spoke truth when blasting the party that he has given all of his youth to.Ingraham is reporting that he has been threatened with job loss for daring to challenge the present Chairman johnley ferguson at the fnm convention.I hope that someone in the Opposition calls names so that all and sundry can see who is robbing the Treasury in these difficult economic times.Shame on the Govt for allowing this blatant act of deprivation of justice for young persons to be occuring. Shame HAI I await your response and dont tell us that the PLP have done similar things as you are the Govt now and like to talk about TRUST.Shame,shame !!!!!!!!!!!

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