Justice under threat in the Bahamas and Carl Bethel is UNFIT!

This one cannot protect the Bahamas!

NASSAU| Justice, which undergirds the very existence of our democracy, is under threat in the Bahamas and we can tell you that our report on Sunday is just the beginning of a story unfolding deep inside the walls of the Office of the Attorney General [OAG].

A crisis is developing under the leadership of Attorney Carl Wilshire Bethel, who we constantly opine is UNFIT for the high office.

Over the weekend Bahamas Press reported how almost one dozen prosecutors at the Office of the Attorney General have resigned from that post, many citing serious issues from the leadership in the Government’s Legal Office. But we have not reported all.

BP can now tell you, while a mass exodus is unfolding in the prosecutions department, prayers are now being offered up by BP as a crisis in unfolding on the Civilian side. There’s also more than 10 civilian staff at the OAG who have resigned or have been seconded to other government ministries. The people are in disgust!

Only Bahamas Press will tell you how decent competent and highly skilled professional legal minds are jumping ship. And we should add how all the police officers, who did their pupilage in OAG, were called back to barracks to be deployed on the ground. Well, what is this?

If the people who represent the Crown in matters are all gone, then what yinner think will happen to justice in the Bahamas? Ya see where Carl Bethel gone? He hired two Africans who could not get approval to present matters in the Bahamian courts for the OAG.

Anyway, Carl Bethel is unfit, if you ask us. The people are jumping ship out of the AG Office, and, well, Justice in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is under threat!

We report yinner decide!