The Minnis Government has not paid some 41 Environmental Monitors on time! WHY?

February 28, 2019 a total of 41 persons from Bain and Grants Town communities became the first set of Environmental Monitors after 12 weeks of intense training. FILE PHOTO

NASSAU| It’s not only crimes that are not being reported in the country, but only BP will tell you how scores of Government workers have not been paid in months.

Now you heard this here from us first. While a big Government vendors like Brent Symonette’s Hotmix is collecting his regular monthly downloads for government contracts racked up in the first two years of the Minnis Government, hundreds of small businesses and contract workers cannot collect a dime from the Bahamas Treasury.

We can exclusively report how scores of Environmental Monitors, hired by the Minnis Government, cannot get paid on time.

Back in December 2018 some 41 Environmental Monitors, who were engaged by the government, underwent a 10-week intense training programme as part of the Over-the-hill Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Now, these workers were to assist in this massive over the hill programme to “transform lives and bring rejuvenation to the Bain & Grants Town and Centerville communities,” according to Samita Ferguson, Executive Manager of the Over-the-Hill Unit. Well, wait!

The Environmental Monitors keep getting turned around when they question their pay. Melanie McKenzie, Director of Environment Health Services, and a FNM general by the name of “Rocky” keep sending them from place to place, all to find nothing under the rock. We hope no one is “spinning” with those people’s funds! What a disgrace! The workers are complaining to BP like so many others in departments across the country!

The Monitors go months without pay! People in high places just don’t give a damn for the poor and the unemployed anymore. We believe they enjoy crushing the small man as they despise the poor in this country!

And while the only rejuvenation taking place in the inner-cities is plenty crime, garbage, higher taxes, closed businesses, dilapidated buildings and growing unemployment, which now stands above 13%, BP can tell you how those Environmental Monitors are being left holding an empty bag of promises from PM Minnis and Co.

PM Minnis getting ready for Junkanoo and don’t give a damn if Bahamians don’t eat or die!

McKenzie and Rocky have gone as far as to offer the workers letters to give to their landlords because they are not being paid on time by the Government. Lord, please help the poor get rid of Minnis Dem!

Ofcourse, only BP can tell you how more than half of the Monitors have already quit their jobs and left in disgust; fed up with the lies constantly being told to them. The Monitors have kids to feed, food to purchase, higher taxes to pay, and, armed with the knowledge that slavery has been abolished in the Bahamas from 1 August 1834, they have had enough of the wicked oppression now being forced on them!

Why do you think Hubert Minnis and his FNM Government believe they could bastardize Bahamians in this way? PAY THE PEOPLE!

We report yinner decide!