Justice was stabbed in her most vital parts when Hubert Ingraham, Orville Turnquest and Hon. Cyril Fountain set a precedent to have murderers released FREE!!!


A BREAKING BP NEWS UPDATE >>> Candia Dames should know the murder of Clayton Dean before 1992 was when Justice really got a black eye and VICTIMS suffered in the Bahamas!

Bahamas, Nassau, Supreme Court building

Nassau, Bahamas Candia Dames, the pen name used these days by Hubert Ingraham, suggested in the National Review section that, “If ever there was a case for an independent director of public prosecutions”, in the matter involving the Minister V. Alfred Gray, then this was it.

Ingraham [Candia Dames], in using these junior reporters to exercise his thoughts, has now found fault with the Attorney General, citing his contempt for her decision not to proceed with any legal proceedings following the developments in Mayaguana where Gray admitted to giving advice following the committal to prison – then the abrupt release of 19-year-old Jacquan Charlton by Administrator Zephaniah Newbold.

What is indeed interesting is how no one in the newspaper of record has reported the developments surrounding the arrest of Charlton, even after serious and questionable human rights violations were perpetrated against the victim!

What is even more concerning to us is how the Guardian has failed to investigate and published details surrounding the entire incident, as did Bahamas Press. Charlton was first arrested by the said complainant and prosecutor following the incident. And within two hours, after sitting in a cell with a broken hand, without a defense or witnesses allowed to exercise a defense for the young man arrested, Charlton was sentenced to HMP [Fox Hill].

The great tragedy here is that the human rights of the victim was never explored by those crafting the narrative against a Cabinet Minister who simply offered advice; turning blindly from the fact that a grave injustice had occurred to a citizen of the Commonwealth!

Now the FNM pundits and jaundiced newspapers turn their attack on the decisions of the Attorney General in this development, calling her decisions “bad signals” and questioning the integrity of the judiciary. What is indeed shameful by Ingraham and his new found pen name writer, Candia Dames, is the fact that none of them can recall the interventions made by an Attorney General back in late August of 1992 when Hubert Ingraham became Prime Minister.

Candia Dames

We at Bahamas Press solidly remember how John Mosko gunned down and killed Clayton Dean just before the new Ingraham government was elected to power. Dean, an unarmed black man, was shot in the back in the middle of the road in Camperdown in broad daylight. Mosko was subsequently arrested and charged with murder before the courts.

Mosko applied for bail. He was represented by Sir Kendal G.L. Isaacs former leader of the Free National Movement. The honourable Cyril Fountain, sat as Chief Justice hearing the matter at the time. But if there was ever a time Justice was stabbed in her most vital parts – this was it!

On the application for bail made by Sir Kendal, Sir Cyril Fountain wrote a short judgment where he stated something to the effect that ‘I’ve known Mr. Mosko and his entire family all of my life and I have no hesitation in granting bail.’

Perhaps if Candia and Ingraham read history more they would know that this single decision by the sitting judge brought serious questions to the integrity of that judge and the courts. One must wonder where was justice for the victim then? Fountain never recused himself in hearing the matter, but he went further: he set a legal precedent in The Bahamas that has come home to haunt the society we live in today!

And while the dead victim’s blood was still warm on the ground, the courts and suspects deep within the FNM were all delivering a black eye to the system of justice.

But this was not the end! Careful research by Bahamas Press proves how, after being granted bail, Mosko absconded. He returned back to the Bahamas on August 27th, 1992, never picked up by police at the airport, and within days of the election of a new government headed by Hubert Ingraham, a nolle prosequi was signed by then-Attorney General Sir Orville Turnquest; setting John Mosko free of murder!

No justice for the victim! None for Clayton Dean! None for his Family and NONE FOR THE BAHAMAS!

Had Ms Dames and the man whispering in her ear been honest with the people they would’ve concluded and agreed that what occurred to Jacquan Charlton should have never happened in Mayaguana to a 19-year-old.

They would have concluded that the present AG’s Office, after reading into all the facts surrounding Charlton, Knowles and Newbold, saw that justice was not being served on behalf of the people, and would have agreed that the right steps were taken in this Mayaguana matter.

But you know – these days – some people sitting in media would let anyone use their names without properly checking the facts!

We report yinner decide!