Killers gunned down Javon Pinder aka JP outside his home on Grand Bahama

Javon Pinder aka JP

NASSAU| A man whose brother is to be extradited back to the Bahamas for murder in Freeport, Grand Bahama was shot dead this morning.

BP is learning 46, year old Javon Pinder aka JP was shot dead just outside his home on Bruce Lane.

The scene unfolded sometime after 10am when he arrived back home. There he met his gunmen who opened fire on him, killing him dead in the yard.

Now this is interesting because Javon’s brother. Jarred Pinder. is wanted for questioning in connection with a homicide which unfolded in Freeport some years back. Following that murder Jarred skipped town and fled to the United States where he is now facing extradition back to the Bahamas. He was caught there years later following a traffic stop.

With killers walking free up and down in the nation we warn relatives to lift their standards all around their homes! Stop cloaking these gangbangers! The killers turned on the brother in revenge.

Ahhhh Boy! What a time!

We report yinner decide!